BJ Penn accepts Rory MacDonald's challenge to fight in Sept.


Yesterday afternoon on’s “The MMA Hour”, Rory MacDonald called out an MMA Legend.

The Canadian based fighter proclaimed, “Right now I feel there’s a guy that I want to fight before he leaves the sport and that’s B.J. Penn… He’s a legend and I think it’d be a really good matchup for me to have that fight in Toronto.”

For the past several weeks we have seen the likes of Gilbert Melendez, Josh Koscheck and Anthony Pettis all try to make a fight happen with the retired two-division champion. However, even after numerous call outs, Penn has stuck to his guns and opted to stay out of active competition.

In speaking with the director of BJPENN.COM, and after contemplating the matchup and possible return to action with his advisors, BJ Penn issued the following response to Rory MacDonald:

“Rory, I accept your challenge!”

Now all that is left is to get the UFC on board and put “Penn” to paper.

The bout is proposed for the UFC’s return to Toronto, Ontario Canada on September 22 for UFC 152. No venue has been selected at this time.

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Jaybrone site profile image  

6/7/12 2:00 AM by Jaybrone

Fighter bashing.Bacne happens with out roids too. I had some serious bacne till I was 23 or so.

Jaybrone site profile image  

6/7/12 1:57 AM by Jaybrone

He never seemed to have problems making 155 and going 5 rounds. Somehow now it'd be impossible? He does not make 170 in a healthy way his cardio suffers and he gases at the bigger weight. He needs to go down not up in weight.

Stu P Dasso site profile image  

6/7/12 1:19 AM by Stu P Dasso

Nate is not 'a lot' bigger than bj. Pretty sure you're thinking about nick

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

6/6/12 10:25 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

 Im taking Waterboy

lionsoul site profile image  

6/6/12 10:21 PM by lionsoul

He ragdolled Diaz - who is a lot bigger than BJ... This is NOT a good fight for BJ IMO...  I really wish he would go to 145 and take on Aldo...  

newjack900 site profile image  

6/6/12 10:16 PM by newjack900

Go to 155 please BJ. I think you could still wreck almost all these guys if you took your training serious.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

6/6/12 9:55 PM by Unwariestpickle

Yeah bullshit. You don't hit three suplex's on Nate Diaz without good form. Acne on the back doesn't mean shit. I'm in my early 20's and have zero acne on my face but some on my upper back. I've never taken any sort of PED in my life.

Andy the man site profile image  

6/6/12 6:50 PM by Andy the man

BJ needs to get with the Marinovich Bros again.

Systema site profile image  

6/6/12 4:24 PM by Systema

Oh yeah, I forgot about the bacne too.Just thinking back to Che mills fight, where Che was owning him in the standup until Roidy took him down and went into gorrilla mode. And tossing poor Nate around left and right in the the 3rd round like it's nothing... Just with power and no technique..I'm sorry but where's all that strength coming from?? I know he's young and all but still.. It's very fishy. JBJ ragdolls people too but he uses pure technique to do it - slick Judo and wrestling, not like this kid.Take some shit too BJ! Or go old school in this kid and prepare for this one properly.

bshaw1979 site profile image  

6/6/12 3:04 PM by bshaw1979

ALL DAY JAY - All valid points. That being said hes still one of the most exciting fighters to watch. And for that its tough to hate on him especially in an era of lay and pray.