Melendez: I'm happy in Strikeforce


“As of now I’m just going to have to deal with the criticism,” Melendez said. “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t in my situation right now. I don’t even want to preach that I’m the number one fighter in the world anymore. I just want to go do my thing in Strikeforce, and if somehow that opportunity comes up where I can prove it and fight some of the top talent, then I’m definitely up for it. But as of now, I’m going to be doing my thing here. I’m happy with Strikeforce and I’m happy with Showtime overall. Just sometimes you want different talent, but I’m happy overall.”

At times it has looked as if Melendez would make the jump to the UFC. For now, though, his home is Strikeforce

“It’s tough, man, but right now at least I know I’m going to be in Strikeforce,” he said. “It was a little more tough when you think you might be going and you don’t know what’s going on. You have hopes. You have mixed emotions. Now I know I’m in Strikeforce and I know what I’m dealing with. I’m going to be up for my next fight. I’m going to be up for it.”

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TheRaider site profile image  

6/6/12 11:31 PM by TheRaider

I concur.

Bjacks12 site profile image  

6/6/12 10:00 PM by Bjacks12

I just don't buy that a man with that taken is happy in the UFC farm league.

liquidrob site profile image  

6/6/12 9:57 PM by liquidrob

LOL @ guys still buying into the 'UFC Level' myth, too funny

kinson site profile image  

6/6/12 9:48 PM by kinson

I sure he is. Don't think he'd last long against the UFC 155ers. Loved to see him try.

Smith1234 site profile image  

6/6/12 9:27 PM by Smith1234

Let me make it more simple for you. Jake is currently ranked 5-10 spots lower than when he joined the UFC and was considered a challenge for GSP. Hell, even his own camp has stopped saying he is the best in his own camp!Nick has fallen 1-2 slots. That is less than 5-10. Got it??

Doctor NPD site profile image  

6/6/12 6:34 PM by Doctor NPD

Nah, he'd probably have his wife smack me in the face like she did to that heckler at the last Strikeforce event.

Poopyface TomatoNose site profile image  

6/6/12 6:27 PM by Poopyface TomatoNose

It's not fucking baseball, it's MMA. THOMPSON has already fought and won in the UFC. The gap between PRO fighters in two pro orgs isn't that much when both of them have trained with the best at other world class training camps for years.I guess if you want to keep your head up your ass and think that fighting in one org vs. another is the difference between AAA and the Majors (LOL) then keep fooling yourself.Gil has beaten world ranked top 10 Lightweights a few times. Bendo and Cerrone never did prior to UFC and have been on a tear in the UFC.

Kansas Comet site profile image  

6/6/12 6:26 PM by Kansas Comet

Come on now that is a bit strong Dude; you know El Nino would swoop you up and throw you off this Board if he was a Mod.

Doctor NPD site profile image  

6/6/12 5:48 PM by Doctor NPD

My favorite part about this is how he was talking about wanting to fight against UFC LWs and then he goes on to sign a new deal with Strikeforce. Then, he whines that UFC fighters are "scared" and won't come over to fight him in a lesser organization. He comes off as delusional and self-entitled really.

UrbanSavage site profile image  

6/6/12 5:35 PM by UrbanSavage

When you watched Bendo lose to Pettis in the WEC, you were probably saying the same bullshit about how he'd lose to guys like Penn/Edgar/Maynard in the UFC. Gil is beating guys that would be able to make a serious impact immediately in the UFC LW division. Guida, Kawajiri, Aoki, Masvidal, Thomson, etc. aren't lesser wins at all and he's been handling these guys impressively with the exception of his last fight against Thomson who just happens to be an awful stylistic matchup for him. Gil is absolutely good enough to beat any LW in the world.