White denies rumor that Silva participation in Sonnen fight uncertain

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On May 28, Brazilian media giant OGlobo reported that UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva said he had injured his knee in training, but noted that there will be sufficient time for 'The Spider' to recover before the July 7 rematch with Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 in Las Vegas.

Silva reiterated via Twitter that the knee is going to be fine.

Anderson Silva ‏@SpiderAnderson
Gennnteeee meu joelho vai muito bem obrigado!!!! , fiquem tranqüilos dia 7 de Julho estarei cumprindo meu trabalho.osss
Translation: (Peeeopleeee, my knee is doing very well thank you!!! Rest assured, on July 7 I will be doing my job. Oss*)

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*Oss is a term used in some martial arts circles to communicate variously “I understand," “sorry," "hello" and for general affirmation.

The tweet was accompanied by an image showing the knee in action:

Recently an unconfirmed rumor surfaced that Anderson Silva fighting Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 was not certain, either due to the persistent knee problem, or due to him simply wanting to pull out, and that UFC President Dana White is dubious that Silva will indeed be fighting.

According to this scenario, a final decision would be made by next Wednesday, when the Primetime show is scheduled to begin filming.

Further, it was said that Michael Bisping has a cartilage issue in his knee, but can and will fight Chael Sonnen if asked, and is currently standing by.

It is not clear why Bisping would be chosen to replace Silva given the Englishman is unquestionably injured to the point he just underwent surgery for a torn meniscus, and the difficulties of marketing a rematch after a non-controversial unanimous decision in Sonnnen's favor at UFC on FOX 2 in January.

The following twitter exchange could be interpreted as pointing towards the rumor having some factual basis, but alternate interpretations are probable.

David Cross ‏@Doghouse535
@bisping how long you out for?

michael ‏@bisping
@Doghouse535 not long fighting chael for the belt soon!
@sonnench @ufc @UFC_UK

michael ‏@bisping
Retweeted by Chael Sonnen

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While the rumor of Anderson Silva's knee injury was plausible, it was not confirmed, and now Dana White has said unequivocally that it is not true.

joe turso ‏@Turso10
Is the Anderson fight really in jeopardy? Pls say no?

Dana White ‏@danawhite
hell no

Rob Gagne ‏@RobExtremeMMA
any truth to the Anderson Silva injury rumor goin around right now?

Dana White ‏@danawhite
not true

Adam Battersby ‏@ACBattersby
What's with this rumor that Anderson is out and Chael will fight Bisping? You've always been straight with us. Tell the fans!

Dana White ‏@danawhite
not true

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Ariel Helwani also weighed in on the issue:

Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani
Regarding the Anderson rumors, everyone around him says they aren't true. And Bisping is legit injured, so he wouldn't replace him if true.

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