Hendricks will push for bout with Condit

source: fiveouncesofpain.com

“I was willing to wait for a title shot because Condit had said he was going to wait for GSP,” Hendricks explained in an interview this week with Five Ounces of Pain. “I don’t want to be on the shelf, but when I heard Condit call out Kampmann I figured if Condit isn’t going to wait, then I’m not willing to wait anymore either. The reason I was willing to wait is because you never know when you’ll get another shot at the title, but if he’s going to fight it should be against me. I want to fight for the belt – whether it’s the interim belt or the undisputed belt I want it.”

“I’m not taking anything away from Kampmann, but besides GSP, I’m the only guy who has beaten both Fitch and Koscheck,” Hendricks continued. “Those two have been at the top of the division for years. Condit’s a good fighter and there is nothing personal about this, but I want my shot at that belt. He’s done a few interviews and never mentioned my name. I don’t know if he wants to fight me, but what I do know is if I want to fight for the title I have to make it known. If he’s not going to mention my name then I have to be the one to do it.”

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UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

6/9/12 7:16 AM by UGCTT_Winnson

They say that Condit/GSP and Hendricks/Kampmann is in the works for UFC 154: http://mmajunkie.com/news/29129/st-pierre-vs-condit-hendricks-vs-kampmann-targeted-for-ufc-154-in-montreal.mmaSo it's not going to happen. Actually the way things have been going, it's highly unlikely that both these fights will happen.Actually, I would consider it surprising if either of these fights actually happened when scheduled, but maybe some mish-mash of the two?Fuck MMA's gotten kind of convoluted lately.

1911Bob site profile image  

6/9/12 6:52 AM by 1911Bob

They won't do it though I don't think Condit Hendricks can sell a PPV.

1911Bob site profile image  

6/9/12 6:51 AM by 1911Bob

Hendricks beat fitch and kos pretty sure he earned it.

Beggsie site profile image  

6/9/12 5:50 AM by Beggsie

Carlos would KO Hendricks.

GriffinQ site profile image  

6/9/12 4:55 AM by GriffinQ

You're something of a cunt. You prove it in thread after thread. Kindly go fuck yourself :)

Octagon Mom site profile image  

6/9/12 4:44 AM by Octagon Mom

What kind of champ sits in a showcase afraid to get damaged?A porcelain doll of a champ. I've heard of glass jaws, but never porcelain hearts before Condit.

RicePicker site profile image  

6/8/12 6:12 PM by RicePicker

I don't get the hype behind Hendricks. he's just another wrestler with good power. nothing we haven't seen before, he'd get crushed by gsp, condit he might be able to wrestle to a decision though

CoolnDeadly site profile image  

6/8/12 6:08 PM by CoolnDeadly

regardless who fights who, Condit should have to fight and not wait for GSP. This..... I'm going wait crap is Bullshit. Puts entire Division on hold. What if GSP gets hurt during training again????

IamOwnedbyUGCTT_Benwahwah site profile image  

6/8/12 6:01 PM by IamOwnedbyUGCTT_Benwahwah

More reasons an Intercontinental belt is needed.

Bipolar site profile image  

6/8/12 5:42 PM by Bipolar

I actually hope more fighters start calling Carlos out. I like Condit, and don't blame him for waiting for the money that will come with a fight with GSP if that's what the UFC allows, yet it makes ZERO sense to have an interim champion who refuses to fight. The UFC needs to realize that this situation is stupid and either require Condit to fight now, or dump that useless and meaningless belt he has. No one who chooses to sit idly by should be entitled to hold onto a #1 ranking and a guaranteed title shot.