Zahabi: MacDonald will wait for GSP to retire for title shot


“Georges is the champion of [MacDonald's] weight class,” Zahabi told The Fight “They’re teammates and they won’t fight each other. We’re going to have to wait until Georges retires. I don’t think that’s going to be soon…. Also, one of them could change weight classes. That could also solve the problem.

Zahabi has hinted in the past that he thinks the welterweight champion could make 155 pounds. But, with MacDonald still only 22 years old with a lot of room to grow, title contention is not the top thought in the trainer’s mind.

“I’m not worried about the title right now,” Zahabi added. “I’m just worried about making sure Rory keeps winning. You know, making sure he’s on the right side of the judge’s decision, the knockout or submission.”

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swany site profile image  

6/8/12 6:57 PM by swany

I think the amount of weight Anderson cuts is greatly exaggerated , he is not exactly skin and bone at mw and even carries a bit of fat , Anderson can fight at lh but I think mw is his natural weight class, the dude has fought at ww before , no way he can fight at hw....this problem will be sorted soon enough for gsp and rory , I believe Anderson retires after he beats chael and gsp will move up after the condit fight .... An then UFC convince Anderson to come out of retirement for one fight and fight gsp since hel already be at mw

decu68 site profile image  

6/8/12 6:26 PM by decu68

Big GSP fan. Rory is awesome. They are good for each other to train with but also I think in time that this could become toxic. It is the tale as old as time; younger fighter feels he is not getting his proper respect or is being held back and then decides to fight the older fighter.GSP is young and has many years ahead of him. I believe he will come back as strong and that his knee won't be a factor. Rory has even more years a head of him; he will only get better.GSP is a gentleman both on screen and in person. I think GSP would actually step down or move to another weight class rather than hold Rory back. I think GSP would do well against many MW's however I would be scared for him to face an Anderson Silva. You have to remember while GSP is losing weight to fight at WW, the MW are losing to fight there; they are bigger. And Anderson could fight at HW if he wanted. Mind you I'm always fearful for GSP before a fight, that is the big fan in me, not to mention how well the UFC sells it. So when he wins whether in spectacular fashion or not, I am overjoyed and relieved.A mutually agreed fight against each other in a year or so might be entertaining; it would certainly sell. Young lion faces older lion ... a tale as old as time.

303 site profile image  

6/8/12 5:16 PM by 303

Ben Henderson vs GSP, yes please.

Rickmeister site profile image  

6/8/12 5:13 PM by Rickmeister

Funny he mentions decisions first in the possible ways of winning

Radio Raheem site profile image  

6/8/12 5:12 PM by Radio Raheem

Wouldn't be surprised if we see Fitch and Kos fighting soon

Fernando Alonso site profile image  

6/8/12 5:09 PM by Fernando Alonso

His coach happen to coach the champ so yeah.

Foos site profile image  

6/8/12 5:05 PM by Foos

This isn't Firas decision. This is a decision made by Rory and GSP

BryanH site profile image  

6/8/12 4:55 PM by BryanH

Dana white calls the shots not some trainer.

SOO72 site profile image  

6/8/12 4:26 PM by SOO72

Stupid horseshit to make that kid "wait for GSP to retire" before he can go after the title. This isn't a fucking Monarchy it's supposed to be a sport.

bknumber1 site profile image  

6/8/12 3:05 PM by bknumber1

 This is always a tough one.  I can understand both sides of the arguement though.  Some gyms really are like a family.  Others are very business like and it is all kept professional.  Not saying one is better than the other, but I have been to both so I understand on the one side where I would never fight some of the guys from my gym at this place, but at this place over here I do not know the guys that well because everyone is busy training hard and leave right after so I probably would have no heartache over it.