Johnson defeats McCall, earns shot at flyweight title


Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall had to wait three months to play back their first fight – and rounds 4-5-6 were just as fun as 1-2-3.

It stands to reason the two flyweights could go another three rounds and still not have things truly settled. But on Friday, it was Johnson who finally emerged as the other half of the UFC's first 125-pound title fight. Johnson took a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

The flyweight fight took place at UFC on FX 3 at BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. The bout served as the main event, which was broadcast on FX following a preliminary card that aired on Facebook and FUEL TV. The fight was the first flyweight main event in UFC history.

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Ian McCall Vs. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Ian McCall <a href=Ian McCall" src="" />
Height 5′ 5″ (165.1 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 10-2-1
Team Team Oyama
Name Demetrious Johnson <a href=Demetrious Johnson" src="" />
Height 5′ 3″ (160.02 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 10-2-1
Team AMC Pankration
Demetrious Johnson defeated Ian McCall by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

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crumbs site profile image  

6/9/12 5:27 PM by crumbs

I thought both fights were given the correct decision(eventually) , a tie the first fight and a decision for DJ the second. People keep re-hashing the first fight , but I believe it was a tie after the 3rd round , DJ was hardly finnished and a 4th would have been a treat to watch Both top fighters who match extremely well , a shame people calling DJ a point fighter , maybe he was fighting the top ranked flyweight who isn't a bad fighter him self, not joe blow from mega fights 3 in Cletus's back yard.

Ephimerus site profile image  

6/9/12 8:20 AM by Ephimerus

Ian, sir, you are an awesome fighter and I am pretty sure you will have that belt. You have a fan for life here and will be cheering for you every fight!!! WAR UNCLE CREEPY!!!!

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

6/9/12 8:17 AM by Ghengiseanie

 <br /><br />WAR!!<br type="_moz" />

Hate420 site profile image  

6/9/12 7:46 AM by Hate420

Did I really read someone say they thought Ian won 30-27?? LMAO And MM did not run dummies...he won an exciting fight,take the nuts out your mouth.

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

6/9/12 6:27 AM by UGCTT_Winnson

Ah fuck :(Huge kudos Uncle Creepy. It's a shame you were robbed so hard the first time around.

pidgey site profile image  

6/9/12 6:21 AM by pidgey

does octagon control and aggression even mean anything anymore?And who's the retard who gave the second round to Johnson?I'd even give R3 to UC based on octagon control and aggression and pushing forwared instead of running.

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

6/9/12 5:10 AM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

Demitrius "Ben" Johnson.I know he's fast and all but it really bothers me when one fighter is literally running after another fighter to keep the fight going. He won 2 rounds to 1 (30-27????) but it seemed like McCall was constantly moving forward with MM constantly retreating. Yeah yeah, great strategy but what if McCall just stood there? Am I crazy?

xCYBERDYNEx site profile image  

6/9/12 4:45 AM by xCYBERDYNEx

Fuck yeah.

P4PBOSS site profile image  

6/9/12 3:20 AM by P4PBOSS

Sick! I'll keep watchin for sure!

UGCTT_UncleCreepy site profile image  

6/9/12 3:04 AM by UGCTT_UncleCreepy

i gotta sit back and watch the fight, but it is what it is, and as far as im concerned i beat his ass the first time so we might be even, but oh well im just gonna go figure out what i did wrong besides cut weight and hopefully beat up everyone on the way for my fucking belt.. im taking it no matter what, b4 i die i will have that belt.


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