Franklin admits interest in using TRT

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

"Yeah, I've kicked around that idea and everything, and actually I’ve talked to doctors that work with the UFC and the athletic commission in Nevada and all that kind of stuff," said Franklin, who takes on Wanderlei Silva at UFC 147 later this month. "And at 37, my count obviously is not what it was when I was 25, and I’m a candidate for that kind of stuff. I haven’t started yet.

"I'm not sure if that's something I want to do or how I want to approach that, because TRT is … once you start that process it’s a permanent fixture," he continued. "Once you start putting those hormones in your body -- those synthetic hormones -- then your body is not going to produce its own hormones any more, and so you really have to think carefully. My levels are still decently healthy for a male, but they're not high enough to continue a prolonged career at a top level for many more years."

According to the guidelines of various state athletic commissions that offer TRT therapeutic use exemptions, an athlete must be able to prove that his testosterone level is below normal. Franklin's statement seems to indicate his levels are normal for his age, just not quite as high as they used to be, so while his candidacy for TRT might be contradicted by his statement, it must be noted he has not used the treatment.

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Recent Comments »

birdo site profile image  

6/13/12 4:08 PM by birdo

LOL! Pretty soon people are going to want to live forever...and science may make this possible

Twenty47 site profile image  

6/12/12 3:38 PM by Twenty47

Lol at you taking a gram for 6 months. You are in terrible shape and look like you don't even lift. You probably got ripped off and there was 50mg per ml in there

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

6/12/12 2:36 PM by valetudosuperfight

I do not care if someone as old as Rich, or Randy, or tito or whoever uses TRT. Couture, however, if he is being honest has demonstrated that you can use non-steroidal/natural methods of boosting your indigenous test production. For the sake of recovery, mood, and energy levels someone around Rich's age makes sense to me if they were candidates for legitimate hormonal intervention. I just think he should call up Randy first and get his advice.

tenchu site profile image  

6/12/12 2:01 PM by tenchu

I pretty much agree.If it's naturally lower due to aging you shouldn't be able to use TRT. That's life.If it's abnormally low due to a health condition, for example, I see no issue.

Walnuts site profile image  

6/12/12 12:58 PM by Walnuts

"I'm considering cheating like all these other guys who still don't have what it takes to be a champion." - Rich Franklin

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

6/12/12 12:41 PM by Roidie McDouchebag

Over a long enough term, this is correct, but I don't know how long you'd have to take 100/week to fully suppress natural production. I took over 1000/week for more about 6 months without that happening and I've got to think 100 would take a lot longer.However, taken FOR LIFE, obviously one day it's gonna have that effect.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

6/12/12 9:50 AM by Malvert the Janitor

You've got it. Not sure why logic doesn't prevail on this topic.My boy BJ will be brought home on his shield before he starts TRT....: )

Twenty47 site profile image  

6/12/12 9:41 AM by Twenty47

Can you explain why someone on trt with a 6:1 would have more test than someone natural with a 1:1?

Ramsey site profile image  

6/12/12 9:01 AM by Ramsey

The fact is, these guys train hard and they fight for a living. Their overall fitness, and there bodies ability to recover is just as important to them as a truck driver needing to refuel his truck is. I actually don't mind the idea of TRT if there is a Dr. monitering the levels. I want to see all fighters at their absolute best and if this is one way to safely achieve that, then so be it.

cool ya self site profile image  

6/12/12 8:36 AM by cool ya self

His levels are already normal for his age. Also, getting an exemption will allow him to have a T/E ratio of 6x greater than the normal ratio.