Bisping 'massively pissed off' if Lombard gets title shot


At the post-fight news conference for UFC on FX last Friday, UFC president Dana White said Hector Lombard might well be in line for a title shot if he impresses in his first UFC fight.

"When you think about it, Anderson Silva came into the UFC, nobody thought Anderson Silva was this fighting genius and could possibly be the greatest of all time," White said. "He fought Chris Leben his first fight. His second fight was for the title. He looked so impressive, and if you're that much further above your entire weight class, you'll notice when (Lombard) goes in there and fights if he looks really great. Then yeah – he'll probably get the next title shot."

Michael Bisping appeared recently on The MMA Hour, and was asked for his thoughts on the possibilty of Lombard getting a fast-tracked title shot.

"Massively, massively pissed off. Listen, I understand the UFC's decision, the reason why I haven't had a title shot is because of me, I'm a realist and I understand what's happening.

"I have been in the position to fight for the title several times and have been in number one contender match-up's several times. So I've got no one to blame but myself, I'm not blaming the UFC, I'm not angry with the UFC.

"If I had beaten Dan Henderson I would have fought for the title but I didn't , If I had beaten Chael Sonnen I'd be fighting Anderson in Brazil, but I didn't , I was robbed by the judges, it wasn't the UFC.

"So yeah, it's frustrating to see someone coming from Bellator. I will be honest, I have never seen the guy fight once because I've never seen Bellator, I don't watch it, I have no interest. By all accounts he's an aggressive fighter and he knocks people out, but I have never seen him fight. He could be the best thing since sliced bread, I don't know. But what I do know is that he has never fought in the UFC, so why the f--- is he getting a title shot?"


"Listen, it was a close fight with Chael Sonnen, but the general consensus is that I won the fight. So, if Chael beats Anderson, and that's a big if, then I would like a rematch. I would like my instant rematch with Chael. Everybody else gets their rematches. Frankie Edgar gets his, I don't know, everyone seems to get their rematch so I would like my rematch and I would like to fight Chael and for the belt.

"If Anderson wins, sure I'd take the title fight, I said IF Chael wins. Listen, Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in the history of the sport, he is an absolute legend and it will be an honor to fight him, that's what I wanted to do my whole career."

"I think I've done enough to warrant a title shot. I've been around the sport long enough and have been consistent, I'm on a good win streak apart from a couple of bogus decisions, I haven't lost a fight since the Dan Henderson fight. That's my only loss other than a couple of judges decisions where they felt I lost the fight."

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Glovegate site profile image  

6/24/12 10:54 AM by Glovegate

You can make that argument from an objective, non-bashing standpoint.12 wins in the UFC9 of those people are no longer in the UFCThe 3 who are still employed by Zuffa were beaten by decision.It doesn't look amazing.

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

6/24/12 9:59 AM by Jack_Bauer Bisping loses to Sonnen and gets destroyed by Wanderlei at 185 and he is somehow #2 in the world at Middleweight?That's adorable. You don't happen to be a Bisping fan do you?

Lazer MMA site profile image  

6/13/12 6:59 AM by Lazer MMA

Butthurt Bisping fan that can't accept that his boy has never even one a SINGLE fight in the top 10!TRT is legal don't hate the player, hate the game! Less Hendo stares U dowm while he does your GF!

idsmashit site profile image  

6/13/12 5:28 AM by idsmashit

You rate roid cheats highly

idsmashit site profile image  

6/13/12 5:27 AM by idsmashit

Most people on this site wouldnt even put Bisping in the top 10 until he beat Sonnen. While doing this Sonnen has been most peoples number 2 this past year...

ENZO007 site profile image  

6/13/12 5:27 AM by ENZO007

He clearly lost that fight to Sonnen and the only reason why anyone brings up ROBBERY is because of Joe Rogan's commentating in that fight. Joe Rogan even said that he rewatched the fight and thinks Sonnen clearly won it.

idsmashit site profile image  

6/13/12 5:25 AM by idsmashit

He beat Sonnen (number 2 in the world for a while now) he sais he was weak it was one of his easiest wins and clearly got robbed. So Bisping's number 2 in the world and that makes one person ahead of him Anderson so how is he overrated?

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

6/13/12 5:01 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle


MdGeist site profile image  

6/13/12 4:59 AM by MdGeist

From a technical standpoint, I just dont see how there is any possible way that Bisping could ever beat Anderson for the title. It would a be futile effort on Bispings part.You could make the argument that Bisping may have won the Sonnen fight but Bisping really didn't prove anything in that fight other than he can effectively stop Chael's takedowns if he can get the clinch and wall an stall for the duration of a round.Bisping is a light puncher yet is highly technical none the less and has ammased his fair share of TKOs but his biggest wins have come by decisioning against heavy strikers. He played matador against Leben and Akiyama and had alot of success against them. But he tried that same stick and move, point boxing strategy against some strikers higher-up in the food chain in Wanderlei and Henderson and he payed for it. How do you think that strategy would play out against Anderson?Bisping has never really wowed me with anything that says he is capable of challenging Silva. He has proven that he is a very capable counter-striker but lacks the kind of firepower that one needs to counter-stike on Silva. And he has proven that he is a very capable defensive-grappler than can stifle the takedown of a top level grappler by initiating the clinch but can't mount a significant offense from that position

cworley site profile image  

6/12/12 3:16 PM by cworley

 Bisping will be pissed off regardless the situation. The sun could rise and he'd pe pissed that it wasn't cloudy.. Its just who he is (a d•ck). However, on this one occasion (guess there's a blue moon) I agree with his viewpoint, Lombard (as Munoz put it) should earn his stripes first.     God, I feel dirty now. Shower time.