Shogun: White lied about me saying I'd rather get cut than fight Teixeira


Despite all the mess about who you are fighting against, there was a rumor about you declining a fight with Glover Teixeira, which made Dana White mad. What really happened?

They asked me to fight Glover, my manager told me and then I talked to my team and we decided not to fight Glover because he’s a top guy but, but he’s building a career in the UFC. He fought once and it was on an undercard, so it’s not fair. I made it clear that it wasn’t interesting for us now. But in a while it may happen, but not now.

Is your goal now to have a title shot?

Actually everyone wants it. It’s not interesting for me right now. Maybe in the future… If I defeated him I wouldn’t reach a level of having a chance at the title. He’s a top guy, but he just got here and doesn’t have a history in the UFC. Three, four fights from now it’s possible, but not now. Dana White commented I rather leave UFC than fighting him but it was not true. UFC never thought about it neither did I. At any point I said I would leave in case I fought him. I just said it was not interesting right now and that’s why we had our agreement. This conversation never happened.

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3 strikes site profile image  

6/18/12 9:22 PM by 3 strikes

Dana would NEVER lie, request ban for this 'Shogun' person.:P

orcus site profile image  

6/18/12 9:19 PM by orcus

lol @ Lazer going on and on about Glover not beating a top 15 at 205, who was the top 15 the 4-4 Vera beat at that weight?Refusing Glover to fight Vera will not get Shogun more money; it will hurt his relationship with the UFC (as we've already seen); both that and the fact that Vera is 4-4 at the weight mean he is, if anything, FARTHER from a title shot for beating Vera than he would be if he beat Glover; and everyone who knows who each guy is knows that Glover is a more dangerous fighter. If he loses to Vera, he's the only name guy Vera has managed to beat in 6 years and the only name guy Vera has managed to beat at 205 ever. If he loses to Glover, he is the 21st 205er to lose to the hot prospect everyone is excited about. If he beats Glover, he is the first guy to do it in 6 years and 16 fights; if he beats Vera, he brings Vera to under .500 at 205.Call it what you want, I really don't give a fuck if you call it "ducking" (I never did myself). Shogun chose the easier opponent, that's the beginning and end of it.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

6/18/12 8:51 PM by Lazer MMA

So U R as stupid as them, huh.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

6/18/12 8:50 PM by Lazer MMA

Of course I'm not talking to the "schills", per the 4th and 5th posts they r exposed and owned but it's clear U R correct the man would fight JBJ who almost killed him but he's scared of a guy that never was in the top 15 or did he ever beat a guy in the top 15.A. In order to duck a fighter one must be clearly entitled to the fight in question. Glover never beat a top 15 guy so it can't be ducking. A ignorant shithead like Orcus would not know this. but there are post after post in another thread saying how friggin stupid Orcus is based crap he's said. They all say based on his stupid comments it's grounds to ignore everything he ever says.B. Glover does not deserve a fight with a top fighter that is the end of it. Let him beat a top 15 guy first.C, shogun is a legend and does not care to fight a guy that never beat even a top 15 guy. It's an "insult". He does not care what Dana thinks, thus he turned down the fight twit.D. A guy who never beat a top 15 guy can get you no closer to a title shot twitE. Shogun was being nice twitF. NeitherOrcus from now on I'm just going to quote the other posters on how stupid you are based om the crap you've said. No interest in talking to you trolls bye.

TopChute site profile image  

6/18/12 8:25 PM by TopChute

Shogun has fought in a lot of tournaments, where you never really know who you're going to fight next. The notion that he's scared to fight anybody is ludicrous.

DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat site profile image  

6/18/12 8:18 PM by DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat

^ Pretty pathetic. Props to Orcus.

Josh Krosscheck site profile image  

6/18/12 7:15 PM by Josh Krosscheck

Lol. Getting owned in your own thread.

orcus site profile image  

6/18/12 4:52 PM by orcus

Lazer, here are some questions:What is your definition of "ducking"? Will Shogun make more money for fighting Vera rather than Glover?Will Shogun be on better terms with the UFC for fighting Vera rather than Glover?Will Shogun be closer to a title shot for fighting the unranked Vera, 4-4 at 205, than he will be for fighting the unranked Glover, 20-2 at 205?Which fighter did Shogun refer to as a "top" fighter, Glover or Vera?In your opinion, who is the more dangerous opponent, Vera or Glover?