Rich Franklin: I need to stay away from the tornado


"The best way to describe Wanderlei's fighting style: It would be like fighting a tornado. As long as you stay away from the tornado, your safe, but if you get too close to the tornado, it does damage. When you come in, he pulls the trigger. And when he pulls the trigger, things fly. He's throwing multi-punches with his hands, following things up with his knees and he's just dangerous.

The best way for me to finish this fight is to not get lazy and get caught up in his game and get caught with something that would otherwise put me on the ground."

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Franchise009 site profile image  

6/15/12 4:42 PM by Franchise009

Fight of the CENTURY!!Jim Carry vs Wanderlei Silva

CaptainWoody site profile image  

6/15/12 10:26 AM by CaptainWoody

Rich does not have the chin Chris does to use this gameplan

Dammit site profile image  

6/15/12 10:04 AM by Dammit

When did the UFC sign Moe from the three stooges? I'm calling it now. Wandy wins via disqualification for double eye gouge!

bull7188 site profile image  

6/15/12 8:40 AM by bull7188

I dont know if you have ever seen him at a live event but I saw the weighh ins when he fought Vitor and he is fucking hilarious. The dumb and dumber look could very well be on purpose. His underwear at that weigh ins were of a comic book character so as he was leaving I asked him about it and he said that he wears a diferent super hero for every fight. Great guy to talk to for all of 6 seconds but still a great guy

OMGClayGuida site profile image  

6/15/12 8:31 AM by OMGClayGuida

I like the haircut. Not even in a superCalo manner. I genuinely thinks it looks good on him.No homo.Maybe a little homo, I guess.

Naheb site profile image  

6/15/12 8:28 AM by Naheb

  Rich is looking familar, needs a new hair cut.

Naheb site profile image  

6/15/12 8:22 AM by Naheb


fightharder site profile image  

6/15/12 8:12 AM by fightharder

Maybe his wife thinks he is awesome.Or she has some secret justin bieber or ( even stranger) Forrest fantasy.Anyways stick and move stick and move for Mr ace.

mwmhong site profile image  

6/15/12 8:09 AM by mwmhong

Jorge Gurgel?