Anderson Silva sued by owner of Chute Boxe for defamation

source: FightersOnly

The Chute Boxe owner - who managed Anderson's career in the past, when the academy was in its prime with several fighters on PrideFC roster - is taking legal action for ‘damage to reputation’ because Anderson’s book alleges he is “a bad person” who troubled many people over the years

Rudimar sued Anderson and is claiming for moral indemnification due to the accusations contained in the biography. Fedrigo also requires the book to be prohibited to be sold - and an initial court hearing sided with him yesterday

“It saddened me so much, I'm very upset it got this this point. Not once did Anderson ever tell me anything face to face, eye to eye. It is lamentable that after so many years he shot me in the back and in such a cowardly fashion,”

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chesty_1775 site profile image  

6/18/12 9:21 AM by chesty_1775

 already making excuses...typical

UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

6/18/12 7:32 AM by UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris

IN before somebody calls his son FAT

Synado site profile image  

6/17/12 11:45 AM by Synado

Rudimar made Anderson who he is today. Anderson in return just bashed him in his book.

Darth Ryase site profile image  

6/17/12 11:37 AM by Darth Ryase

Serious question. Were you born an idiot or did you have to work towards it?

WatchinMMA site profile image  

6/17/12 11:32 AM by WatchinMMA

some friendly advice man, ignore the trolls on this site. they fish for information and try to turn anything against you. not following this thread anymore but I feel bad for ya

CaptainWoody site profile image  

6/17/12 11:07 AM by CaptainWoody

Internet identity? I know and talk to people on this site irl ..i have no internet identity ...I post mostly from work and 6 years to reach 17000 is nothing...there are people with 30000 in less time. That pic was taken yesterday at the gym..yes i get out of the house oftenI have posted pics of my children, wife and dogs on here many times throughout the years...there are all kinds of dangers in this world. I dont live my life in a paranoid state.....i also let my kids play outside and ride their bikes in the neighborhood.I know some of you are just jumping in here to troll me ABE if you dont agree with me than you must know Silva personally

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

6/17/12 5:32 AM by mrantistupiditay

And post more pictures of your children. Because this site's not known to have murderers and sex offenders among its regular readers.Good thinking, there, genius.Now go rage some more, because you did/said/wrote/thought something completely stupid, and someone pointed it out.

ssj site profile image  

6/17/12 5:16 AM by ssj

lol keep using chael's word as gospel