Vitor more excited for TUF finals than Wand vs Ace

by Marcelo Barone | source:

After breaking his hand during his training camp for a planned June 23rd fight with Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort is planning to return to the Octagon as soon as possible.

“I’m training my leg and the jabs… I’m getting better. I’m doing what I can here. Everything I can do, I do. Everything God allows me to do I have to do”, said Belfort in an interview with Tatame.

“Saturday I’ll get this pin off and I’ll start my physiotherapy sessions. We’re ahead of the our predicted time. I was supposed to happen in a couple of weeks. We’re doing fine. I see today. I want to know what I can do today. Tomorrow’s like a postdated check and we live today as if it was the only day I had left, as if it was my last day. I live intensively, the best way possible, responsible and very happy."

“All (UFC 147 TUF Brazil Finale/Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin) fights are good ones. Some more and some less, one are more awaited and others less. I guess it’s going to be a good fight, but I’m very excited about the TUF finals, I want to see the boys fighting. I guess it’s going to be a good example they’ll set."

“I want to thank everyone who helps me and give me a lot of support through this recovery, doing this motivational part so I keep on fighting for a few more years. This injury came on a difficult moment for me, but we have to make the best out of a bad situation. That’s what I’ve done and I thank the fans who have always been there for me and I’m really happy with that."

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roscoegrinders site profile image  

6/16/12 12:28 PM by roscoegrinders

 He cares more than the rest of us. I will watch it in a month on fuel tv

mijo site profile image  

6/16/12 3:57 AM by mijo

Vitor-I get hurt before a fight 60% of the time, everytime!

CRE site profile image  

6/16/12 3:52 AM by CRE

Vitor has the brain power of a Hoover vacuum

kanodogg2 site profile image  

6/16/12 3:49 AM by kanodogg2

Victor doesn't care cause he's blasted both of them real quick

jhendo79 site profile image  

6/16/12 2:45 AM by jhendo79

If there is one injury that needs to heal it's his so we can get the Wand rematch after the Franklin fight win or lose.

KZTT_Hocky Balboa site profile image  

6/15/12 10:41 PM by KZTT_Hocky Balboa

Vitor:  "Silva and Franklin can't hold my jock." -UG News

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

6/15/12 10:28 PM by yellow wrkahlc

I'm looking forward to the finals more, as well.I'm sure Vitor's upset he doesn't get to fight, but then again, it made no sense for him to be fighting Wanderlei in the first place.