Tito Ortiz: I would have beat Jon Jones in my prime

source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

“Pressure. Don’t let him use that reach, try to close down the space with tons of pressure. Use my strength, use my wrestling. An injury free Tito Ortiz is very, very dangerous, and Ryan Bader was the last guy who got a close up of that one. When I’m injury-free I’m very dangerous.

“Me around 2000, when I was fast a strong and I was strong and my confidence was through the roof I could beat anyone. I could of beat anyone in the world man. Now, 15 years later, look at me I’m still competing against top guys in the world – like I always have done – but the injuries have taken their toll.

“If I was the same game but without the surgeries, then I’d still be the champion! When I look back at my loss to (Randy) Couture, that’s when I had my first back problem. I was suffering right through that fight camp, and I suffered for seven years with that back problem.

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saemskin site profile image  

6/19/12 9:34 AM by saemskin

tito is now making excuses for fights he doesn't have. nice. keeping douche-baggery at an extreme level is all he does well.

stonepony site profile image  

6/18/12 9:54 AM by stonepony

I'm a Tito fan. But the man is smoking big fat giant crack rocks. JJ is probably 1/3 the fighter he is going to be, and I don't see how prime-Tito had a better chance than Rashad or Lyoto do now. He might have had a little better chance than them against JJ, but... A little better wouldn't have come anywhere close to putting Rashad or Lyoto over the top in their fights with JJ.JJ is still very young, and he's still a little clumsy and awkward. Wait for him to smooth out and refine himself and become more fluid. He will be the GOAT. Tito is a hall of famer, but, JJ is something else.

chesty_1775 site profile image  

6/18/12 9:20 AM by chesty_1775

 lol @ tito

Filo_Beto site profile image  

6/18/12 9:19 AM by Filo_Beto

THIS , end of story!!! Anyone saying Tito had a chance haven't seen him in his prime or just so blinded by their lust for this guy that they can't see straight.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

6/18/12 6:32 AM by ChokeEmOut


American Shaolin site profile image  

6/18/12 6:22 AM by American Shaolin

Jones might kill Tito even back then. Not even competitive

Roy Batty site profile image  

6/18/12 3:10 AM by Roy Batty

Tito'd already been hit by a bus at that point.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

6/18/12 3:02 AM by RyannVonDoom

1. Guy beat saku, you need to watch it again Vorhees. 1a. MMA math at it's finest from a retard. yeah... because tito beat Guy(and someone who beat Tito btw) that means he's better than saku lol.2. Wand beat Tito and made him RUN away from him in the cage. lol @ that gift decision. and LOL @ koing him and decisioning him in the same night. You should do comedy acts.2a. Vitor beat Tito, but again.. a gift decision for Tito. 3. Tito beat Rashad once and then got fucking destroyed by him. "competitive losses" lol4. Tell me who Tito's last great win was over before bader that wasn't a controversial decision, I'll wait. A Ken shamrock that left what little he had left after the WWF run in the ring with Don Frye? lol Yep.5. Made the 205 division because he was too scared to go to HW, despite weighing in at fight time 240lbs+. As much as I loathe Randy, he was man enough to fight in both divisions.6. Tito stayed in the UFC because he knew he'd have his ass handed to him in PRIDE by many of the guys overe there. Wand, Arona, Shogun, Lil Nog, Dan Henderson etc.. Would have been good night sweet prince.. 7. Ducked Chuck for years.. even in the division that was as weak as the UFC 205lbers... Sad. I can understand why people are fans of Tito.. he took the prowrestling heel route. He marketed himself well and people still buy into it. Good for him to make money, I won't ever hold that against him. That being said.. at no point in his career would he ever be able to hang with Jones.. lol

Musashi site profile image  

6/18/12 2:09 AM by Musashi

Tito is delusional. Jones would finish any version of Tito. It would look a lot like Bader's loss to Jones.

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

6/18/12 2:06 AM by Elias Cepeda

 Tito is not overrated but he'd have to be considered an underdog against Jones, at any point in his career