Gross attacks the 'flawed' and 'White-washed' UFC Hall of Fame

by Josh Gross | source:

If you believe White when he says Ortiz wasn't a company guy -- disputable considering how much money he made for Zuffa -- let me ask you this: So what? Should a fighter have to be a company guy to earn what he deserves? Should White need to be "totally cool" and have "no beef with Tito whatsoever" for Ortiz to be HOF eligible?

These are reasons I choose not to regard the UFC Hall of Fame as being the same thing as hallowed grounds associated with other sports. Eventually, I hope, MMA media will come together and do it properly, though that surely won't prevent the UFC from picking and choosing who it recognizes among the best ever to compete in the Octagon. Nor should it. But I'll say this: The White-washing of the UFC "hall" is unseemly.

After all, the light heavyweight division's first champion, Frank Shamrock, can't get a sniff of it and he beat Ortiz in one of the organization's great contests, and went 5-0 in UFC competition, each bout a title fight.

Why? Because he fell out of favor with president White.

Likewise, Pat Miletich -- the organization's first welterweight champion who defended the belt multiple times and went on to mentor and train many of the Octagon's finest, including too-exclusive club member Matt Hughes.

There's no sane explanation why Ortiz should receive accolades the week leading up to his retirement bout while Shamrock and Miletich (and fighters past, present and future who dare look out for themselves, even if it means upsetting the powers that be) get frozen out. Ortiz deserves his time in the spotlight as much as they do.

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6/19/12 9:54 PM by CindyO

 Steak house in LA, right? Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

6/19/12 9:50 PM by CindyO

Frank should definitely be in the MMA Hall of Fame for the reasons you mentioned. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. Opinions seem to differ when it coes to the UFC Hall of Fame. Nothing wrong with differing opinions, is there? Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

6/19/12 9:45 PM by CindyO

 Actually, I don't agree with referring to any of the fighters as scrubs. But I "get" the point Jason was trying to make and still agree with his post (except for the word scrub). Cindy

CRE site profile image  

6/19/12 6:04 PM by CRE

numerous people quoted and agreed with said ethering.

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6/19/12 5:42 PM by Lazer MMA


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6/19/12 5:41 PM by Lazer MMA


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6/19/12 5:39 PM by Lazer MMA

Sure boss. U made sure to criticize Gross in your post. Why too did you not criticize Dana for taking another shot at Tito at this time?Why do you not speak down on Dana for bashing legends like Fedor too, or do you?Also can you respond to the post at the top of this page as these types of posts are critical of you in this thread. BTW I can say no Mod at all has said it's wrong for Dana to be bashing legends in any thread I wrote or read either.TY Boss

Beezulbubba site profile image  

6/19/12 5:38 PM by Beezulbubba

I think most just bypassed your meaningless, pointless post. It didn't even make any points worth pointing out by anyone else. Gross was all most spot on, and your post was irrelevant. It destroyed nothing, and that is why your attention seeking ass is the only one still posting about your post. Most people read it, gauged it's value (worthless and wrong), and the adults just went on discussing things amongst themselves.