Seagal: Jon Jones doesn't punch or kick well


7th degree black belt in Aikido Steven Seagal was recently interviewed on The MMA Hour to discuss Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida.

"Chael last time had an extremely unfair advantage," said Grand Master Seagal. "Because, you know, that whole deal with I don't know what it's called, steroids, or whatever, performance-enhancing drugs or whatever. ... I think this time, probably he'll be a little more careful with that, and I think that will even the playing field. Let's just say this, I think this time, they're both going to be at their best. I don't think there's going to be any controversy, I don't think there's going to be any injuries. I think two great fighters are going to go out there and have it out, and I think my guy's going to win. My guy's going to win handily this time."

"I respect every fighter that goes out to the Octagon, I don't think (Jones') punches or kicks landed well (vs. Lyoto Machida). Do I think he punches or kicks well? No, not at all, and that's just my opinion. He's a very big guy, he's like a heavyweight. He's 6-4, very athletic and very strong. Is he a better fighter than Lyoto? No. Not even close. But that doesn't mean he can't win."

"(Between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva there is) a huge difference in strength and size and weight. I don't know what's fascinating for fans to see. And I said (Jones) is a heavyweight. He said he was going to challenge Junior dos Santos, if he really said that, he should do it. He's already cleaned out the (light heavyweight) division, there's no one left to fight him."

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Ghengiseanie site profile image  

6/21/12 12:05 PM by Ghengiseanie

Damned black belt on shotokan I think.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

6/21/12 12:05 PM by Ghengiseanie


iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz site profile image  

6/21/12 11:59 AM by iCameiLostiRetiredDiaz

Yes I really do agree, once he fights guys who can land shots on him without much difficulty like all the LHW fighters he wont look like the killer he does at this weight

rbl site profile image  

6/20/12 11:40 PM by rbl

He uses his reach well but he's accurate and hits hard. His combinations aren't so fluid but he's definitely good.  

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

6/20/12 8:47 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

 Try comparing their reach/wingspan, and weight in the cage. Also Anderson is 6'2". GSP/Anderson are 1.5" apart in wingspan. Anderson/Bones are 7" apart in wingspan. GSP = 192/3 in the cage at WW Anderson = 200-203 in the cage at MW Bones = ~225 in the cage at LHW So GSP/Anderson are much closer in weight and wingspan, but Jones/Anderson are closer in height.

Ocean6 site profile image  

6/20/12 7:46 PM by Ocean6

No, no I would not. It is right on point.To deny that is to deny that the sun will rise in the East.

FatLoser site profile image  

6/20/12 7:18 PM by FatLoser

hate to admit it Seagull is on the button on this one.only a child would look at his fights and not see he has a size advantage.

TheMessiah site profile image  

6/20/12 6:15 PM by TheMessiah

He doesn't kick or punch well because he is unorthodox.. Although dominate he is still very new in the World of MMA !

disbeliever site profile image  

6/20/12 9:55 AM by disbeliever

This is pretty over simplified, wouldn't you say?