XFC promoter: There are some chinks in the UFC's armor

by Jack Bratcher | source: prommanow.com

XFC President John Prisco was recently interview on Pro MMA Now Radio and discussed, the growth of the XFC, promoting women’s MMA, and the current state of the (mixed martial) arts.

“We had a vision from the very beginning and we followed it,” said XFC President John Prisco. “I really believe that if we followed that path we would get noticed. We were fortunate and we always just had a good product. It was always a very entertaining show and we always really worked hard at finding very talented fighters and matching them up real tough. It’s a real easy philosophy. You know, the sport is 25-years-old. The most talented fighters are undiscovered. UFC does not corner the market on the most-talented fighters.”

“So now you got to go out in the community and you got to find these guys. Once you find them, you’ve got to promote them well and put them on a big stage and let them be seen. Once they’re seen they become names and they can brand themselves with the XFC and they can grow with our promotion. It’s not rocket science, but it’s something really very early on we looked at and said, ‘You know what, this is the path we need to follow.’ And we’ve followed it all along and it’s worked for us.”

“We’ve always been a believer in the females in MMA. The talent pool is growing now dramatically and it’s very exciting for us. We’ve always had a female bout on our cards for a long long time now, and now every other fight card we’ll probably have two female bouts.”

“You have to be real careful and match these girls up properly, but there’s plenty of talent out there and we’ve been very blessed with fighters like Heather Clark, Felice Herrig, Marianna Kheyfets. These girls are extremely talented and they’ve made us look good by putting on one hell of a show when they go out there. We’re very proud of our female division and it’s growing, and rightly so, they deserve to be in the cage. I’ve always been a believer that they are athletes, they’re incredible athletes and we’re excited to have them as part of the XFC stable of fighters.”

“I am happy with what’s happening in our industry. I really believe our industry is going to be around forever. I see other promotions coming up and making moves. I don’t think UFC can hold onto this and be the premiere promotion forever. I just don’t and I think you’re starting to see some chinks in the armor now.”

“You can’t do as many shows as they’re doing and have names on every card and I think that they’re coming to the realization that they’re not invincible and it’s going to be tough for them to maintain the market share that they’ve done. I can guarantee you, we’re going to keep growing, and as a result we’re going to pull from some of that. And you know what, that makes our industry a healthier industry.”

“It doesn’t work if its just one major promotion. It doesn’t work in anything guys. Burger King and McDonald’s wouldn’t be as good as they are if they weren’t challenged by competition. You’ve got to have competition to keep a healthy industry and we’re here to compete. We’re not here for second place. I don’t buy into that crap. At the end of the day, I want to be the biggest promotion.”

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ClassicMacGruber site profile image  

6/20/12 11:34 PM by ClassicMacGruber

 It is what it is folks. UFC IS the top dog, BUT the product has taken a hit since the Fox deal. Not saying thats the reason, but thats when it seems the trouble started. Look, They are having to offer refunds for a show that hasnt even happened yet. The president is asking fighters to ease up in training so they dont get injured as often. There are a LOT of guys on their roster, yet you still see the same handful of guys getting back in the cage quickly after fights instead of using other guys they have signed. They acknowledge the slow and low sales in certain markets, and still refuse to put "locals" and the undercards to help sell tickets. Id say they are some issues...

ftrflygrly site profile image  

6/20/12 8:38 PM by ftrflygrly


Leghound site profile image  

6/20/12 6:57 PM by Leghound

*comes in to make chink joke**leaves as it's been done to the death*

deadlysyn site profile image  

6/20/12 5:54 PM by deadlysyn

You're an idot to make such a stupid comment. The guy knows more then you will even know. Unlike you have seen what he does first hand, he knows of guys that you never even heard of, he follows guys that you never even knew excisted. He knows and keeps on tabs of fighters in almost ever promotion. Its his job.  And another thing for that matter just because a fighter is killing people in another promotion doesn't mean he will be a top talent in the UFC. Its a whole different ball game.   

oxvaletudo site profile image  

6/20/12 5:37 PM by oxvaletudo

I've worked with Prisco on several different levels (as a coach matching my fighters and also as media), and the XFC product is very solid.. On par and above many of the rival HD Net productions. What I respect about them is that the post UFC name fighters they have used in the last, haven't just gone there to die like with alot of the triple A shows out there. Guys like Ovince St Preux, Junior Assuncao, and Jamie Varner have used XFC to springboard their careers significantly.

MDAlex site profile image  

6/20/12 4:43 PM by MDAlex

 11ers gonna 11 I think I could do Joe Silva's job for maybe about 5 minutes. Then I would realize that I don't even have a clue about maybe half of what he does and then I would quit. All the industry guys in the UFC say that he is the hardest working man in MMA and I believe them.

Ornoku site profile image  

6/20/12 4:32 PM by Ornoku

Joe Silva just doesn't do that great of a job, any one of us could do the same thing if not better.

markiz site profile image  

6/20/12 4:30 PM by markiz

Yes, also food is food. People must eat and buy things, that's why there's so much room on the market for different companies doing the same thing. But sports and entertainment buisiness is totally different thing.The guy from XFC is also forgetting one thing - it's not all about domestic market. UFC brand has worldwide recognition. I can confirm this, since I live in Europe. Nobody has a clue wtf Bellator is. Only a handful of hardcore fans and even they don't seem to bother much about it. But a casual fan knows about UFC and watches it. I don't see even a slight possibility for any other brand in MMA to be as recognizible worldwide as UFC is now. Even Pride in it's glory days didn't manage that. The only way it could be done by other promotion was by having a larger than UFC fighter on it's roster. Theoretically. In practice we already seen that with Fedor - there was a point with him being international superstar. No fighter before or since had that kind of recognition worldwide. Not even close. And the results ? You know them :-)

sgotwalks site profile image  

6/20/12 3:51 PM by sgotwalks

Wow! You must go to one of those McDonald;s restaurants from television commercial land because "eager" is not a term I would apply to pretty much every McDonalds employee I have ever seen.

Nick Fury site profile image  

6/20/12 3:43 PM by Nick Fury

dont fuck with BLAF