UFC confirms 2nd season of TUF Brazil

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik today declared the debut season of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil," which concludes at Saturday's UFC 147 event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a resounding success and said the promotion is already planning on a second edition of the series.

"We do anticipate another season," Zelaznik today told MMAjunkie.com. "It's certain that we'll do it.

Zelaznik said the second edition of the series will likely take place in 2013, with the show following a similar schedule to this season's debut, which featured Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort as coaches of 32 prospective UFC fighters.

"We don't have coaches identified or weight classes yet," Zelaznik said. "You can expect that 'The Ultimate Fighter' season will come back, and we'll do more tryouts. The timing of that is probably just like this season, so we'll start filming around January and be on air in March."

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decu68 site profile image  

6/22/12 11:36 AM by decu68

I watched it; it was just okay. Yes, too much product placement. The crying, I'm okay with that since I can understand the culture difference. What was missing for me was the extra "umph" that the American version provides. I hope the next TUF Brazil improves upon what they have done.As for the TUF Live, I would prefer them to go back to the old format. While I enjoyed it, I felt the older format you seen more of the fighters in training and in the house. You got to see more of each while in the live format you only got a few that you could connect with. In my opinion, if the original TUF had aired in this live format, it would not have had the same success.

RomeOne87 site profile image  

6/22/12 11:23 AM by RomeOne87

Lmao. The only cunt on the forum would have to be u dipshit for even considering i was talken shit. The season was good! Not the best but damn close!! All i said is that they cried to much. If that put ur panties in a wad all up in ur ass crack!! Then i suggest u go get nit something before ur old man comes home and beats the piss outta u!! Due to u disrespecten me!

MikeHunt36 site profile image  

6/22/12 4:46 AM by MikeHunt36

Cool, we can pay PPV money for the finale.

InspiritMick site profile image  

6/22/12 4:40 AM by InspiritMick

Seriously you must be a Maasai e cunt in real life

Ju Ichi site profile image  

6/22/12 4:33 AM by Ju Ichi

 the product placement on that show is ridiculous. 50% fights 50% product placement.

Crooklyn site profile image  

6/22/12 1:48 AM by Crooklyn

And it was awesome. Buncha savage killers all emotional before and after trying to maim each other. 

Crooklyn site profile image  

6/22/12 1:47 AM by Crooklyn

 Exactly. I say EVERY season should be TUF Brasil.

RomeOne87 site profile image  

6/22/12 1:42 AM by RomeOne87

All they did. Was cry all season. Fkn shit

Sam Soul site profile image  

6/22/12 1:14 AM by Sam Soul

sweetTUF Brazil combined with TUF Live was probably the best "season" of TUF ever.That one match with Pepey and his flying scissor take down only to get kicked in the throat moments later in the middle of the scramble was one of the best moments of 2012 that no one really talks about.