Swanson, Miller, Stout, Fisher earn $50K OTN awards

source: The Underground

UFC on FX 4 $50,000 'of the Night' performance bonuses

Knockout of the Night
Cub Swanson (vs. Ross Pearson)

Submission of the Night
Dan Miller (vs. Ricardo Funch)

Fight of the Night
Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher

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BaraoKix site profile image  

6/23/12 1:43 PM by BaraoKix

Hes going to have to leave UFC for that though.

Authority Figure site profile image  

6/23/12 1:22 PM by Authority Figure

I'm still hoping Stout wears a belt someday.

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

6/23/12 12:05 PM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

This. Stout's TDs were amazing. Perfectly timed. He could have been busier on the ground but still a great fight and very very close.

AndrewJitsu site profile image  

6/23/12 2:38 AM by AndrewJitsu


bEEiLL site profile image  

6/23/12 2:36 AM by bEEiLL

I agree

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

6/23/12 2:35 AM by yellow wrkahlc

Same here. Wasn't too fond of Stout's take downs. They slowed the action down. When the fight was on the ground, Waldburger was constantly threatening from the bottom. It was more exciting to me, tbh.

DWray site profile image  

6/23/12 2:28 AM by DWray

I feel like Ebersole and Waldburger deserved FOTN. I loved that fight, personally.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

6/23/12 2:27 AM by yellow wrkahlc

Jog of the Night went to who?

jayu site profile image  

6/23/12 2:25 AM by jayu

All 4 perfectly placed checks in the right pockets!

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

6/23/12 2:21 AM by KZTT_FawkingxD

via UFC twitterand very proud of Miller did a great job! looked a bit exhausted and kind of got our wrestled but he did great! 50K is going to his family, what more could a guy want! awesome sub freakin` deserved it! kind of ironic though because it was the same move that his bro just lost to