UFC 147 65k OTN bonuses: Franklin, Silva, Damm, Vinicius

source: The Underground

UFC 147 $65,000 'of the Night' performance bonuses

Knockout of the Night
Marcos "Vina" Vinicius (vs. Wagner "Galeto" Campos)

Submission of the Night
Rodrigo Damm (vs. Anistavio "Gasparzinho" Medeiros)

Fight of the Night
Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva

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Burl site profile image  

6/24/12 11:26 AM by Burl

Surely the easiest 80k (plus purse) Damm has made in a couple minutes. I think he was pretty lucky to draw Gasparzinho and even luckier than no one else on the card pulled out a submission, in Brazil!

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

6/24/12 10:57 AM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

Big fan of Damm. Good to see him in the big show.