Franklin reflects on UFC 147 win



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goldenboyart site profile image  

6/25/12 10:39 PM by goldenboyart

Hey don't be so negative brother. You say it's changed him forever. Unless you have a crystal ball you can't say this. Rich is a good guy and ahard working guy too. I think he still has a few tricks up his sleave and I would NEVER count him out much less say something has changed him Forever, when forever hasn't gotten here yet.Have hope brother. :)

ausgepicht site profile image  

6/25/12 1:23 PM by ausgepicht

The ONLY bad thing about this fight was that one of them had to officially lose. If you don't like both fighters, you don't deserve to breathe.

stobe site profile image  

6/25/12 1:17 PM by stobe

We need more Franklin's and less Sonnen's.

pm1964 site profile image  

6/25/12 12:43 PM by pm1964

As already said, Franklin is the epitome of a true sportsman and gentleman. I've always been a fan. And of course, how can you not like Silva as well, another class act.

Jaybrone site profile image  

6/25/12 11:15 AM by Jaybrone

To not be a fan of Rich is impossible if you know anything about him. He is a hard working intelligent guy who lays it all on the line every time. He has faced so many former or current champs in two diff weight classes he is a legend. I hope to see him make a run to at least get a title fight win or lose it'd be fun to see.

Client 9 site profile image  

6/25/12 11:09 AM by Client 9


cheesesteak site profile image  

6/25/12 11:07 AM by cheesesteak

future hall of famer. One of the best ever

UGCTT_thebroonies site profile image  

6/25/12 11:02 AM by UGCTT_thebroonies

Agreed, I'm a newbie to the sport and I'm embarrassed to say when I first started watching I wasn't a fan of either guy.  It was only because I knew nothing about them and tbh they just looked old.  Fast forward a couple of years and my perception has changed completely.  Two warriors who bring it everytime they enter the cage.  My only regret is I wish I started watching years ago.  

stonepony site profile image  

6/25/12 10:52 AM by stonepony

They cheered when Rich won. Who expected that? Maybe Chael wouldn't get murdered in Brazil after all? I wouldn't recommend he run in to the crowd like Aldo, but, they probably wouldn't charge the cage and murder him. Probably.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/25/12 9:47 AM by Chimonos Revenge

How can you not be a Rich Franklin fan?Or a Wanderlei fan?Two of the greatest guys in the sport.