DFW: Round 2 should have been 10-8 Silva

source: mmamania.com

"I'm happy with the main event. Wanderlei and Rich are both warriors and have been around a long time. Rich came back from an unbelievable beating and near finish to win the fight. I think Mario Yamasaki did a great job in not stopping the fight. Obviously, Rich was able to continue. I gotta go back to judging again.

In the earlier fight, they had a 10-8 round in a fight that was a draw -- and they don't make the Wanderlei-Rich round a 10-8 round for Wanderlei? So inconsistent. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I want to see more fighters get involved in judging and reffing. It's gonna be a problem for a little while here, until the athletic commissions start focusing on it."

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Neimad site profile image  

6/26/12 12:23 PM by Neimad

Dana wasn't saying it should've been a draw. He was comparing it to an earlier fight that was declared a draw. Even if it was scored 10-8, Silva still lost. The only round he won was the 2nd, 10-8 or 10-9= same outcome. Franklin won

Darth Ryase site profile image  

6/26/12 10:58 AM by Darth Ryase

 Not lay and pray, I'm talking a thorough ass-beating....like a lot of Martin Kampmann's first rounds. When a guy gets pummelled for 5 minutes straight. Not knocked down with 30 seconds left while avoiding ground and pound.

forrestfan site profile image  

6/26/12 10:23 AM by forrestfan

some of you are almost encouraging lay and pray since you want it scored the same as a beatdown that could legitimately end the fight.

Darth Ryase site profile image  

6/26/12 10:18 AM by Darth Ryase

 That's what I thought, that a 10-8 round is when someone dominates from bell to bell. A thorough beatdown. Not every time someone almost finishes a fight.

ufcman187 site profile image  

6/25/12 10:19 PM by ufcman187

If Matt Hughes becomes a ref, he will vote for a guy with 2 takedowns in a round even if he couldn't do damage or hold him down. Give a guy like Chuck Liddell a job judging and Spencer Fisher would've beat Sam Stout. I think judges COULD be retired fighter, but either way, the results would be the same. Submission fighters like submissions. Strikers like KO's. Wrestlers like takedowns and slams. There is no way to take the bias out of judging.quotes the man drinking Natural Ice lol.

MMAxNate site profile image  

6/25/12 9:52 PM by MMAxNate

they were each single shot throwing for about 3:30 with Rich coming out at about a 3:1, maybe a little less. maybe 2 combos from Wand earlier on. Then it was a shot, knock down, about 20-30 shots of gnp, while Franklin was recovering and beginning to defend. Mario looked to be stopping it then cut short. Franklin begins to move around on the ground to avoid shots/defend a little and then the round ended. Flurry started around the 4 min mark.

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

6/25/12 9:40 PM by valetudosuperfight

I did not watch the fight... but it sounds like from what everyone is saying that Rich jabbed at Wanderlei for 4 minutes, and then in the last minute the axe murderer went full murdertard but could not quite put him away.IS this about accurate?

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

6/25/12 8:41 PM by NarlyPersianDude

I agree with you, the 10-8 round in the Mutante Moraes fight, was not more one sided than Wandy's round 2 buttkicking, their needs to be consistency. MMA is the best sport, but the scoring and judging is behind the times. Sad but true, and can we get Ricardo Almeida judging some ufc events, he is a judge know I think.

forrestfan site profile image  

6/25/12 8:35 PM by forrestfan

It matters because most fights are 3 rounds and there are guys saying a near stoppage should count the same as squeaking out a round.

RKing85 site profile image  

6/25/12 8:32 PM by RKing85

if it had mattered, it would be a big deal. But since it didn't matter, it's not much of a deal.