Rousey's 'lessons from the 209'


Now a champion and one of the sport's fastest-rising stars, Rousey isn't struggling to make ends meet. But she's still learning new skills, particularly in the striking aspect of her job, and learning to love things she used to hate.

"Nick made me go for my first run in years," she laughed. "I don't run, but we ran miles, a bunch of us. I'm not a triathlete, dude. I get bored."

Diaz, of course, is an accomplished triathlete when he's not fighting inside the cage (and in the midst of a yearlong suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, he's got time to compete). He recently convinced another team import, UFC featherweight Cody McKenzie, to participate in his first triathlon.

But it might be a while before Rousey is swimming, biking and running for hours on end. Short sprints, she likes. Long distance, not so much.

"I used to be a swimmer before judo, and it's like a long stamina thing," she said. "It doesn't keep me mentally engaged. [I] have to get something where it's like MMA, where it takes 100 percent of your attention all the time. It's more my sport."

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Ya Mon site profile image  

6/30/12 1:41 AM by Ya Mon

The 209 is biggest city to go bankrupt

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6/30/12 1:35 AM by TheEssence

I couldn't figure out all day what I did to get frozen! It was that !?

Deputy Porker site profile image  

6/29/12 5:06 PM by Deputy Porker

freeze who?

cool ya self site profile image  

6/29/12 7:48 AM by cool ya self

Wait a minute... Cody McKenzie is on Cesar Gracie?

DeadlySideCheckKick site profile image  

6/29/12 6:06 AM by DeadlySideCheckKick

Is this a joke? They have that shit everywhere! Also good luck biking when it's so cold your balls are in your stomach.

Zamiel site profile image  

6/29/12 5:44 AM by Zamiel

In before "Wahhhhhhh she talks too much, my opinion on this matters."

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

6/29/12 4:03 AM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

Oh Snap! You have no imagination son. Biking, kayaking (white water and ocean), climbing, hiking and the mother fucking birth place of North Shore downhill biking. 3 local ski hills with 20 minutes of downtown. Whistler Blackolm within an hour and half and that's just a start. Where the hell do you live that's so exciting?

DeadlySideCheckKick site profile image  

6/29/12 3:11 AM by DeadlySideCheckKick

Why go to such a boring place? If you don't smoke weed there's no point in going to BC.

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

6/29/12 3:07 AM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

Rousey should come to Vancouver. Down hill mountain biking on the North Shore would definitely keep her focused.

Jason site profile image  

6/29/12 12:13 AM by Jason

 got it bro TWINNING!