Greg Jackson: Guida lost a lot of those fun, exciting fights


When the usually marauding Clay Guida brought out a new and ultimately unsuccesful Hit n Run strategy vs. Gray Maynard at UFC on FX 4, many fans blamed coach Greg Jackson.

Jackson appeared recently on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show” and discussed the strategy.

“I wanted Clay to, after he drew Gray out, to engage a little bit more, but I think Clay was waiting for him to open up a little bit and he was able to land some combinations when he did that. But one of the things that I think both Clay and I learned is that … we need to do a little more right after the misses, kind of jumping on him a little bit more. I chalk it up to experience and a learning process, and hopefully we won’t be in that situation again where we have such a close decision. Hopefully we’ll be able to dominate the next time.”

“In a lot of those fun, exciting fights, he ended up on the wrong side of those. He would get dropped or he’d get choked out a lot of times. You have to be able to fight the guy that’s in front of you, and Gray is an incredible fighter. … To just run at that guy and throw caution to the wind and hope you don’t get caught with a big punch and choked out again, it is a little silly. You do want to be able to try to do something that maybe favors you a little bit.

“Now again, we should have engaged a little bit more, and that’s just the way the fight went down, but I’m never going to tell my guy, ‘Listen, this guy does everything better than you. I just want you to take all the damage you can until he gets tired of punching you in the face so that everybody’s jumping up and down and then maybe you’ll win, but maybe you’ll just get choked out.’ That doesn’t seem very smart to me at all. … I’m always going to be trying to do it smartly. It’s got to be an entertaining fight obviously, but at the same time you can’t just jump on somebody that’s stronger than you, that hits harder than you and has better wrestling than you do.”

"Two fights earlier Cub Swanson did beautifully and got Fight of the Night. When you have a situation like that, when you have a spectacular performance and then you have Clay, who stuck and moved, but he should have stuck a little more than he moved -- that happens. He still got a split decision. He was a 4-1 underdog. Had we done just a little more, I think it would have gone our way. But [some criticism] is obviously just biased because no one’s saying, ‘Hey Greg, that was a great game plan with Cub. Way to get the second knockout of his career and Knockout of the Night and look so good.’ It’s all about the negative stuff. At that point, it doesn’t hold any water for me, so I’m all right.”

“He’s a tough guy, and we just try to stay positive and take it as a learning experience and try to focus on the things that we want to improve on and do better. He was of course very disappointed, but sometimes it’s a process. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just going from A to Z. I’m really proud of him. I’m always really proud of him. He got in there, and that’s hard to do. We should have done a few things differently, but we’ll get them next time. Other than being disappointed, it was pretty par for the course. He wasn’t like emotionally devastated for the rest of his life or anything. He was just kind of upset.”

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AGC IV site profile image  

6/30/12 4:12 PM by AGC IV

Right on the money! So basically if guida ever has a tough fight you might as well save ur money and tune in to watch dancing with the stars. Lol

jacktripper site profile image  

6/30/12 3:58 PM by jacktripper

Ok now he lost a fight, a shitload of fans a few zeros on his next purse AND fight stunk (except for grey) Great plan!

kalki site profile image  

6/30/12 3:11 PM by kalki

be "siily"...

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

6/30/12 1:15 PM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman

I had friends over to watch UFC or the first time and Gudia embarrassed the shit out of me. "I swear this doesn't happen alot". Fuck Jacksons.

inf0 site profile image  

6/30/12 1:09 PM by inf0

 yeah and he still lost... fuck the lameplans

MMAFAN695 site profile image  

6/30/12 1:07 PM by MMAFAN695

LOL @ Greg Jacksons submission and KO defense... Run away from your opponent LMFAO. Even Bones ran away from Rampage. I can appreciate Jackson for one thing though... He is, metaphorically speaking, slapping Dana in the face every time one of his fighters fights like this. He even got Dana to say Condit "won". I love Jackson for this :)

Fake Pie site profile image  

6/30/12 11:31 AM by Fake Pie

LOL he got completely dominated in a boring decision that lost him tons of fans. What an improvement over losing by sub or TKO and being exciting in the process and having people want to see you again. GENIUS!!!

cheesesteak site profile image  

6/30/12 11:26 AM by cheesesteak

Hows he going to feed his family if no one wants to pay to watch him? He could be 100-0, if he's boring enough he's not going to be watched = family not fed

MdGeist site profile image  

6/30/12 10:45 AM by MdGeist

According to Jackson:"you can’t just jump on somebody that’s stronger than you, that hits harder than you and has better wrestling than you do.”I like how he's realistic about the match-up but, as a coach, if your going to be brutally honest with your fighter and tell them that they are physically weaker, an inferior striker, and they are out-classed by a superior wrestling, I dont blame Guida for being so timid against Maynard.While Maynard did have the advantage in many aspects of this fight, it was only by a slight margin. It was nothing that Guida couldn't handle, he had that edge with his hand speed and if he had only been more confident with his striking he could have put on much better performance.Honestly, it sounds like to me that Jackson and his camp "scared" Guida and made him think twice every time got in the pocket with Maynard.

peppo site profile image  

6/30/12 10:22 AM by peppo

A lot of idiots here not reading the quote or simply disregarding it to bash Greg. MMA fans suck.