Shamrock: 'Douchebag' Dana White's vendetta is keeping me from HoF


Shamrock appeared on Spike TV's "MMA Uncensored Live," where he sought to set the record straight:

"Well, honestly, I didn't really care, but my wife was pretty pissed that I wasn't in the Hall of Fame. I don't care. I think it's awesome that Tito's in. He deserves to be in there. I believe I should be in the Hall of Fame, but it ain't my Hall of Fame. If they wanna put me in, that's great. It's not gonna keep me up at night."

"It's definitely personal between Dana and I. To further that, I've done everything I can possibly do for this sport. I hope that would include UFC. You know, Dana and I don't get along. I think he's a total douchebag and a bully. I just, I got no breath for him."

"Here's my thing. I did everything I could for the sport, from speaking to the commissions to presenting in front of cable companies -- anything and everything, I was hired to go do it. I was a great spokesman, and I believe in this sport. If they wanna put me in or not, it's totally up to them. I think it's just a big knuckle-fest. God bless Tito, and I'm real proud that he's made it."

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ChaosOverkill site profile image  

6/30/12 7:36 AM by ChaosOverkill

derpa derp

whistleblower site profile image  

6/30/12 6:21 AM by whistleblower

There's some out-of-context, seemingly fightfinder-based hindsight-analysis going on here.For those who claim that 2 years was not enough to even possibly be HoF-worthy - were you actually living through that era as it happened and closely following the UFC at the time? It really does make a difference when it comes to perspective.Royce Gracie won 11 fights in the UFC, but did so in just 5 events as well, in less than 2 years. Actually, in less than 1.5 years. In fact, Royce had an even briefer time with the UFC than Frank Shamrock did. But that year and a half was still already more than enough for Royce to have defined an era in the UFC - and unquestionably cemented his rightful place in any legitimate Hall of Fame.Likewise, 2 years was more than enough for Frank to have defined an era in the UFC as well - and to be individually responsible for a lot of significant and indelible UFC history. In reality, Frank was the most consistently dominant and defining UFC Champion since Royce himself.The UFC themselves at the time (Meyrowitz and Jeff Blatnick) even proclaimed Frank "the greatest UFC fighter ever," after his huge defining win over Tito (in the most significant showdown of the dark ages) - and that statement wasn't just baseless hyperbole. This wasn't some outlandish Goldberg-ism - few at the time actually disputed its truth.Actually, very few, if any reasonable person in that reality at the time would have even questioned Frank's all-time greatness, singular supremacy for his era, or HoF-worthy credentials. (Much less his status as a legitimate "UFC legend.")Even including just his UFC run only, Frank had the greatest, most dominant and elite-significant reign in the UFC since at least Royce, and arguably ever to that point, up to the beginning of the next millennium.Frank beat Shooto's reigning HW champion in Enson at Vale Tudo Japan in what was actually an official #1 contender's fight for the UFC at the time - where the UFC had already announced before that event that the winner would directly earn an immediate title shot against Kevin Jackson, the reigning UFC 200 tournament champion, for the new UFC 200 Championship.Frank finished Enson in an epic back-and-forth war, one of the greatest fights ever to that point - and then beat Kevin Jackson in what was a shocking upset at the time, when Jackson was considered not just the absolute best under-HW in NHB at that point, but the next-level evolution of the sport.Jackson was the highest-level wrestler around, in an era that was already being largely dominated by wrestlers (even far less credentialed ones), had looked like an unstoppable juggernaut to that point, was heavily favored to just steamroll Frank - and was the UFC's own expected poster boy and defining Champion-to-be for their new 200 division.Oops.That was legitimately one of the biggest upsets ever to that point, both for who Frank had beaten and how he beat him.Frank then faced the other major 200 Champion in NHB at the time, the reigning Extreme Fighting Champion in Igor Z., in an official Championship unification fight in the UFC - which Frank also won with likewise shocking quickness and ease. This was another huge win at the time, over another significant titleholder.Frank was now the one unified and Undisputed Champion for the 200 division - and would continue to be the first dominant under-HW Champion in NHB/MMA history.Frank then faced prospect Jeremy Horn - who was actually the LEAST heralded and significant opponent Frank would ever face in the UFC, but who would go on to become a perennial contender himself - where Frank pulled off a dramatic come-from-behind submission to salvage his Undisputed Championship.Frank in his next defense then emphatically and dominantly avenged his prior loss to Lober, in a meaningful matchup at the time since Lober had been the only one to ever beat Frank in NHB or closed-fist MMA to that point. This win helped further cement Frank's singular preeminence in NHB - and displayed how far he had already come since his initial transition from Pancrase and shootfighting.But the biggest challenge (both literally and figuratively) Frank ever faced would be next in Tito - who was the new monster of the division, the Lion Killer/Lion Tamer - when Frank and Tito were now two of the top-3 under-HW's in NHB, along with Sakuraba in Pride. This was THE defining showdown of that era in the UFC.After Frank stopped the significantly bigger Tito, the first major weight-cutter in NHB/MMA history, there was little doubt who singularly ruled the sport at that point - and who the supreme defining figure was in the UFC, who was the greatest, most accomplished UFC Champion ever, along with the original kingpin in Royce.The bottom line is that every single one of Frank's fights in the UFC was significant or exciting in some way - and certainly historically noteworthy and memorable. (With Frank's wins over Kevin Jackson, Igor Z., and Tito being three of the most significant Championship wins in UFC and MMA history.)Frank Shamrock almost single-handedly carried the UFC through the early part of its dark ages.(Before Tito then took over after Frank "retired," and carried the UFC through the rest of the dark ages and into the Zuffa era - where Tito himself, after being humbled by Frank, had then specifically sought out Frank to train with and improve his overall game and conditioning, which subsequently became one of Tito's own hallmarks after learning from Frank.)There is a reason why many at the time, including the UFC themselves, specifically called Frank the greatest UFC fighter ever to that point - and even more broadly, why many at the time called Frank the greatest MMA fighter of the decade for the 90's.Because the era-defining quality and significance of his accomplishments - and his groundbreaking Championship dominance in the UFC in particular - actually merited that uppermost consideration. Frank Shamrock had already cemented his permanent place in MMA's, and the UFC's, pantheon of legendary champions.

UGCTT=MMmyNIGHTMARE site profile image  

6/29/12 11:32 PM by UGCTT=MMmyNIGHTMARE

Back when roids were cool ;-)

Othello site profile image  

6/29/12 11:16 PM by Othello

The process being known is a point I never considered but at the same time I think there is some similarity between spiteful sports writers keeping out players that should be inducted and the petty, spitefulness Dana White shows to some former UFC fighters.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

6/29/12 8:58 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Lots of bitterness in this thread.

BaraoKix site profile image  

6/29/12 8:11 PM by BaraoKix

It isnt a UFC Hof, its a Danas$makersHOF...

dermotfix site profile image  

6/29/12 7:59 PM by dermotfix

I was gonna go visit it next time I was in Cleveland. Now they are getting boycotted.

bhealthy site profile image  

6/29/12 7:28 PM by bhealthy

Fudd has always had a basketball wives persona, even before he started juicin heavy, he was challenging FUTA1 to boxercise.his jealousy of franks looks, especially his thick healthy hair is being carried too far

Macedawgg site profile image  

6/29/12 5:57 PM by Macedawgg

Not at all--inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame has a process that is known by all, the writers are independent and are not owners of any particular team, to name just a few distinctions between the UFC and Baseball. In short, the two are in no way analogous.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

6/29/12 5:25 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

That's the point, no set criteria.Joe Rogan is a future HOF IMO.