MMA not race obsessed, to its eternal credit

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground

For generations boxing was based on ethnicity. An Irish fighter vs an Italian was a money headliner for 70 years or more. Now I guess both are considered White.

One of my many favorite things about MMA is that it is moving beyond that. The most beloved fighter in our sport is probably Wanderlei Silva, who is whatever color he is. I don't even know? Are Brazilians of Portuguese descent considered hispanic? I have read some Brazilian Portuguese in our sport referring to themselves as White back home.

Anyone care if Wand is Hispanic race, White race, or Human race? I mean does even one, single person care?

When JDS fought Cain was that a hispanic vs a hispanic fight? I am not being cute here trying to make a point, I really don't know.

What race is GSP? He talks a little funny, in English. How many languages do you speak fluently? GSP is kinda ethnic looking French speaking Canadian race I guess. Carlos Newton used to hold his title. Is Newton Black? Or is he Canadian? He does talk a little funny too, that's for sure. David Loiseau is a Canadian of Hatian descent. Black too?

GSP is going to fight Carlos Condit sometime soon. The name Condit sounds a little ethnic, Carlos sounds ethnic, he's from New Mexico, and his dad is the former chief of staff for Gov. Bill Richardson who has a name and looks like the dad in Happy Days, with a tan.

Carlos is ethnicy sounding, but Chuck Norris was born Carlos Ray Norris. What race is Chuck Norris, anyway?

Is Anderson Silva black? He is a Brazilian of African descent, and I know that race relations in Brazil are an issue. Cheick Kongo is a Frenchman of African descent. Are Cheick and Anderson Silva the same race? Jon Jones is African American. If Anderson Silva, Cheick Kongo, and Jon Jones are all the same race, there is something wrong with that convention.

Benson Henderson is the African American Korean race.

Dominick Cruz is Mexican American, and Jose Aldo is Brazilian of Portuguese descent. Same race?

The scariest Hells Angel who ever lived Mom Boucher had a bodyguard of Hatian descent Gregory Wooley, who is reported to be full-patch member of HA. If those guys can get over it, please, God, let the rest of us.

The world has inherited an evil history of color-based oppression. It is one our greatest failings as a human race.

Cultural heritage is a tremendous strength. Dividing the world into black and white is, at its very best, stupid.

Why do White people all want to be tan? Because color is hot, probably. Or maybe people want skin cancer.

The fact is, we are all heading towards some kind of brown. Except maybe for Swedish girls, who are hot as can be without a tan. Dunno why.

It is one of MMA's many great strengths that those divisions don't carry much weight.

Thank God.

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