Renzo Gracie: Chael Sonnen lost respect for talking about Silva's wife


"I don't like this kind of provocation because you end up losing respect," said Renzo Gracie of Chael Sonnen. "Where I come from, it means blood. If a person offends you, so he must raise his fists whenever he see you. Because a fight will start wherever we are.

"So I think we have to treat opponents with respect."

"Sonnen was smart. He lost the fight, he was caught using drugs. But still, people seem to forget this. Everyone just talks about these provocations. He turned those provocations into something so big that it swallowed the problems he had.

"He is a tough fighter, but I think Anderson will win it again."

"Humor is a high form of intelligence. Unfortunately not everyone can do it. You may want to be Ali, but there was only one Ali.

"Chael lost class when he said he will slap Anderson's wife on the ass."

"If someone say this about my wife, where we meet in this life, I'll bite the unfortunate who said it. So I am against this kind of provocation. I hope no one ever do this to me, because the thing will go in a completely wrong direction."

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Recent Comments »

Mark Hunter site profile image  

7/6/12 2:41 PM by Mark Hunter

Winston Wolf, thank you for your reading comprehension. Maybe you should start teaching some weekend seminars to the dumbass folks on this Forum (with each passing year, it gets worse and worse). Let me try it like this: The worst things Renzo has done are posted - and exaggerated - on this thread. When you compare that with the hundreds of kind acts that fans and friends all over the world share, then you have a guy that I'm proud to know and respect. Should he have spit on Oyama? No. As for the rest of the things, well . . . Marquardt DID punch Almeida after the match was over, and Spijkers DID harass Renzo by calling his room all night. What Renzo did in return just isn't that serious, IMO, and that's regardless of who did those things. If someone punched Sonnen's family member after the fight was over, I would expect Sonnen to be right there doing what Renzo did. If someone pulled a "Spijkers" on Sonnen, I would think that Sonnen stepping across that person's neck after choking that person out with relative ease would be not that big of a deal (particularly if it was back in 1995). Hope that clears it up.

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

7/6/12 2:35 PM by UGCTT_Winnson

He's the new MW champion we need, but don't deserve...All hail Chael!

Mark Hunter site profile image  

7/6/12 2:33 PM by Mark Hunter

And a lot of Gracie bashing, too, by a guy who has no f#cking clue what he's talking about. Just so we're clear, that would be you. Did you even actually hear that about the gas station, or are you just writing things to get a response? The gas station was a station that EVERYONE in the area would cut through . . . and the owner knew that. Renzo's wife was passing through, and the owner took all his frustrations out on her for all the cars driving through (probably a poor choice, in retrospect). He cursed her and was insulting, and she went home crying (probably not expecting to be insulted and cursed for using the same shortcut everyone in the area used at that time). When Renzo came to the station, it was to talk to the guy. The guy was a dick, and began screaming at Renzo and cursing him, so Renzo slapped him upside the head for screaming and cursing at him. I think we all know that, if Renzo had been intent on actually hurting some gas station owner, he could have. The guy then drops to the ground and starts screaming, pulling the "pro soccer player, over dramatic" move.

hubbarocks site profile image  

7/4/12 11:26 AM by hubbarocks

So he spit on an opponent in the middle of a fight because he was provoked? Regardless, how does blatantly obviously hyping a fight with mean words equate to (or is worse than) anything Renzo's done?

Koga site profile image  

7/4/12 4:13 AM by Koga

Easy solution. Renzo is talking trash on Chael P, claims he is willing to back up his mouth, is walking around over 185lbs and has recently said that he wants to fight in the UFC again. No doubt Chael P would be happy to beat Renzo into retirement in the octagon or on the means streets of West Lynn Oregon - Zuffa make it happen for the title after Sat!

Jaybrone site profile image  

7/4/12 2:38 AM by Jaybrone

What Sonnen said about Anderson's wife really offended people that much?

sreiter site profile image  

7/3/12 9:30 PM by sreiter

HIS WIFE WAS SHAKING AND CRYING HYSTERICALLY - I'm sure you're too much of a pussy to defend your wife, but Reno isn't.Also, Renzo went to confront the guy, the guy talked shit to Renzo to. The guy and his girl friend/wife were fucking with him all night. He couldnt even unplug the phone. All times Renzo reacted to confrontation, not initiate it. BIG difference

hubbarocks site profile image  

7/3/12 4:02 PM by hubbarocks

Apparently, none of that is anywhere near the mean words used by Sonnen.

Fayz187 site profile image  

7/3/12 3:14 PM by Fayz187

That comes from a guy that did some of the most unsportsmanlike/ disrespectful things in MMA that I ve ever seen.I read that on a other thread yesterday his wifewas driving through a Gas station at high speed,so the owner yelled something after her. She ran hometold Renzo, he came back a few days later and slapped the Guy??I mean I wasnt there but if its true its really fucked up.Why does he behave like a child.Oh and the other Guy talked something bla bla so he stepped/kicked him in the back of the Head when he was already out? Spitting on this japanese guy because he was not engaging in the Fight? A lot of brainwashed Gracie nuthugging in this thread also.

10Marlons site profile image  

7/3/12 3:15 AM by 10Marlons

 Renzo said he would fight someone in real life just for harmless trash talk. I lost a lot of respect for him now. I hate people that get angry at harmless jokes. Probably would be a spaz in real life. Id be nice to him but avoid him so I can speak my mind without having reprecussions. I much less of a fan of his if he is really like that. Before I used to root for him in fights, but now I kind of want to see him get Matt Hughes'd again.


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