Dana White responds to Frank Shamrock 'douche bag' comment

by Mike Bohn | source: fightcove.com

Early last week Frank Shamrock  appeared on Spike TV's "MMA Uncensored Live" and said that he didn't care about getting in the UFC Hall of Fame, but that his wife was pretty pissed.

Shamrock went on to call UFC President Dana White a "total douchebag and a bully."

In an interview on Sirius XM Satellite radio, White replied.

Frank Shamrock’s always talking smack. I don’t know what’s worse, Frank Shamrock talking smack like he should be in the Hall of Fame or Spike TV having him on. We have the biggest fight of the year coming up and they have Frank Shamrock on there, the most irrelevant dude on the planet.

"Here’s the thing about the UFC Hall of Fame in all honesty, you know, the UFC Hall of Fame this is – these are guys that we have been inducting that have done a lot for the sport since we’ve have taken over, you know what I mean? Here’s a guy, you know, Frank Shamrock, Frank Shamrock hasn’t done anything for the new UFC. And when I say the new UFC I mean the regulated, since it’s been regulated, since it’s been back on pay-per-view, mainstream television, all the things that have been done over the last 12 years, the guys who have been inducted have helped us get to where we are.

"Frank Shamrock isn’t one of those guys.”

“Most of the guys in MMA, the fighters and stuff don’t like Frank Shamrock. He came out one time he was on the Jimmy Fallon show and he was talking about this anti-bullying thing, and Mike Swick came out on Twitter and said ‘You’ve got to be f------ kidding me. Frank Shamrock when I was coming up in MMA, there wasn’t a bigger bully on earth than Frank Shamrock. Frank Shamrock is the biggest bully I’ve ever met in my entire life and I’d love to beat his ass’.”

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Recent Comments »

Lazer MMA site profile image  

7/17/12 1:52 PM by Lazer MMA

A legend of the sport and to its very origin! The First LHW (MW then) UFC champ.Another legend Dana likes to shit on!

D241 site profile image  

7/17/12 1:42 PM by D241

 10. FRANK SHAMROCK VS. TITO ORTIZ, UFC 22 (9/24/1999) The beginning of highly conditioned, multi-discipline MMA fighters. Lorenzo Fertitta: "Anybody who watched that fight I think saw the transformation of the sport being from athletes that maybe had one discipline and were very one dimensional to full-fledged mixed martial artists."

SinCityHustler site profile image  

7/4/12 12:58 AM by SinCityHustler

 I'm being told that Kirik of this very site is starting an MMA Hall of Fame.  So it may be a little sooner than Never.  

IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone site profile image  

7/3/12 4:02 PM by IwillSuckTheSkinOffYourBone

 There is never going to be an MMA HOF, only UFC HOF, there will be guys like Lesnar, Rogan, Goldberg... People will remember them. But  Franks and Fedors aint going to be there.

Rimbaud site profile image  

7/3/12 2:54 PM by Rimbaud

I love the way people talk about the Zuffa HOF like it ever had any credibility. 

SinCityHustler site profile image  

7/3/12 2:31 PM by SinCityHustler

 You guys are going to love this, given the criteria, Dana should be the next guy inducted in.  Shit, he should have been inducted as soon as that policy changed.  

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

7/3/12 12:26 PM by UGCTT_Winnson

If there's a real UFC hall of fame, Frank Shamrock should definitely be in it. If it's strictly post-Zuffa hall of fame, then I guess not.It's kind of fun to see a super successful baldfather and a mixed martial arts legend act like schoolchildren though.Carry on.

RJJH site profile image  

7/3/12 12:19 PM by RJJH

 you culd say this about 80% of the things he does. Fuck Dana White

D241 site profile image  

7/3/12 12:15 PM by D241

 Bet you're real proud of that quality thought prevoking post above

SinCityHustler site profile image  

7/3/12 8:48 AM by SinCityHustler

 At the time of those fighters being inducted, Dana hadn't told us that the criteria was contributions during the UFC Zuffa era.  Clearly at that time the criteria was different but before Juarez could get in, the criteria changed to what he just told us it now is.  That happens, things change.  And with Frank now left out, it becomes an unfortunate situation but one that makes all the sense in the world, given what the criteria is currently.  The good thing is that things do change and there's no reason to believe that they can't change again to where Frank does qualify.  But not that it matters, everyone seems to agree that the UFc Hall of Fame has no credibility, so why does it matter that Frank is not in?  This seems like a bitching, circle jerk, just to be bitching about something that's a moot point.  Complaining about something they don't want anyways, (Frank to be inducted into a Hall of Fame that has no credibility)?  Why am I not surprised?