Antonio Nogueira: I wanna grab one of Sonnen's tooth

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Anderson Silva promised to rip every one of Chael Sonnen’s tooth of at UFC 148 next Saturday (7th), and Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira is counting the days for it to happen. “I wanna grab one of Sonnen’s tooth (laughs)”, jokes the heavyweight on an interview with TATAME.

“The guy’s disrespectful. They way he advertises himself is a wrong way of advertising, it’s disrespectful”, says Nogueira, criticizing the wrestler’s performance inside the cage. “He does those warm fights. He’s a tough fighter, a super athlete, but his kind of fight doesn’t sell, doesn’t convince, he’s not a dangerous striker nor a submitter. Where he gets his popularity from? Talking”.

Former number one of Pride and UFC, Minotauro accepts the strategy of using words to sell pay-per-view, but believes that Sonnen went too far on his provocations.

“He’s a guy who says bad things about countries, the athlete, Anderson’s wife, the way he dresses… He gets into things that doesn’t matter”, criticize Rodrigo. “If he said he was going to beat Anderson and explained how I guess it was ok, but he gets into personal stuff and that’s a mistake. Anderson did good on responding to him”.

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minotauro11 site profile image  

7/2/12 10:34 PM by minotauro11

I never called him a lay and pray fighter. I guess his pitter patter punches are better than nothing but he still isn't extremely exciting. Regardless of my opinion on his style, the fact of the matter is that he had almost no fans before the trash talking began.

KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

7/2/12 10:27 PM by KZTT_FawkingxD


The Loge site profile image  

7/2/12 10:18 PM by The Loge

This! Chael is far from the prototypical lay and pray fighter.

Scramble City Rocker site profile image  

7/2/12 10:06 PM by Scramble City Rocker

Brazil is confirmed for one of the most liberal, one of the most godless/pagan countries in the world. Notice how Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira nick name is after a pagan diety the so called "Minotauro" a mystical being with the body of a man but with horns and a bulls head.Guess who else had horns? SATAN.Notice how Nogueria is specific i which body part he wants from Sonnen. A TOOTH!In Godless pagan rituals to communicate with Satan, one needs to have a tooth from a righteous, patriotic, Christian such as Chael Sonnen.Pray to God that Sonnen winsVote against Silva 2012!

ufcman187 site profile image  

7/2/12 10:00 PM by ufcman187

If you grab it, hold on to it. There is a good chance you will THINK you have it and it will slip out of your fingers...........Kind of like a fight against Frank Mir.

Packman_26 site profile image  

7/2/12 7:22 PM by Packman_26

And Anderson's kind of fight with Maya and Leites doesn't sell and doesn't convince. Any argument about who comes to fight more often between the two is completely asinine.Furthermore, I find 99% of the stuff Sonnen says to be funny and entertaining and most of the time there is a hint of what he really thinks in it. That being said, I didn't think it was appropriate to bring up Silva's wife. But lets not act like Anderson is son kind of boy scout here... The man had the intentions of shooting someone with a shotgun. Chael was out of line at least once, but nothing he has done holds a candle to that. My heart doesn't go out to someone would was planning to shoot someone in cold blood.

Darup site profile image  

7/2/12 4:03 PM by Darup

 Lots of people are fans of Chael's style. Calling him not exciting is stupid. Chael is constantly applying pressure on the feet and GnP on the mat.

minotauro11 site profile image  

7/2/12 3:51 PM by minotauro11

I think you are misinterpreting his comment. Sonnen's style is not exciting at all, and this can't be disagreed with. Sonnen didn't have a single fan until he beat Marquardt and started trashing Brazilians. His style is not that exciting and it does not win him fans, all of his fans are fans of his for the things he says, not his style, which is all Nog is saying. He says he is a tough fighter and a super athlete, he isn't disrespecting Chael as a fighter.

MediumRAPE site profile image  

7/2/12 3:50 PM by MediumRAPE

Sounds Gay IMO.