Johhny Hendricks: It's easy to sit behind a keyboard


“It always seems like when I knock somebody out it’s either called too quick or a lucky punch or whatever. I don’t think people respect my power. That’s the beauty of the internet. Everyone can be a weekend warrior or an internet warrior. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and criticize. It’s the right of the fans I guess. I just don’t understand it sometimes. If one person hates on you they put one thread, and the next guy puts one. It gets started that way. I used to kind of pay attention to it, but not anymore”.

Johny recently defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC on Fox 3 by split decision in a very competitive bout. Hendricks was certain that it would put him next in line for a title shot, but this was not the case. It was announced shortly after Martin Kampann beat Jake Ellenberger that Johny would be squaring off against him instead. His initial reaction was simple.

“I guess I got one more”.

Hendricks did make it clear his goals have not changed even if his desired opponent has.

“Like I said before I want a shot at the belt. I feel like I’ve done enough to get that title shot. Certain circumstances have held me up from getting that. I was okay with sitting on the sidelines. Everyone was okay with saying that I could sit on the sidelines waiting for Carlos Condit or GSP. What made me mad is that Carlos Condit called out Martin Kampmann instead . I was like whoa, whoa, whoa. First off he has the belt and we get to call him out. Kampmann’s not the number one contender. I just cleared out the division for a lot of other people to move forward”.

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DWTF site profile image  

7/3/12 12:00 PM by DWTF


random_perv site profile image  

7/3/12 11:44 AM by random_perv

Johnny sounds like he would crack if he had haters like Diaz or Fedor. It must be weird to be Nick and every time he gets on the net somebody new is talking shit.

Kneeblock site profile image  

7/3/12 11:37 AM by Kneeblock

 lol, bravo

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/3/12 11:34 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

No. He should be tougher. I know Carrot Top. Carrot Top has taken more fucking abuse than any fighter put together. Carrot Top hasn't blasted everyone. Because Carrot Top is tougher and he understands a vocal minority does not represent the paying majority so it's possible he is smarter as well. I have never criticized Hendricks on line. Thanks to him lumping me in with all fans, I'd rather not give him any money. Maybe he needs to work on being as tough outside of a cage as he is inside of it. Carrot Top has been a butt of jokes from people who haven't even seen his act and he still soldiers forward. Hendricks could learn from a guy like that.

FutonCushion site profile image  

7/3/12 10:32 AM by FutonCushion

 Why is it that so many fighters focus on the negative?  There could be a thread that has 10 positive posts and 1 negative one, and it seems all the focus goes to the 1 negative.  Appreciate your fans, give them the attention.   

thehenriques site profile image  

7/3/12 10:26 AM by thehenriques

Lucky punch

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

7/3/12 10:23 AM by Barry_BondsMVP

 you lost to Koscheck brah

Authority Figure site profile image  

7/3/12 10:20 AM by Authority Figure

MMA owes a lot of its recent growth to the internet.* waits for some bum of a journalist to turn my comment into a story - - on the internet *

PelikanNutz site profile image  

7/3/12 5:22 AM by PelikanNutz

Hendricks is right, disrespecting fighters from the comfort of my keyboard is easy, and I guess that's what I like about it; just sitting here, rocking back and forth, disrespecting fighters.

JeanBaptisteHenry site profile image  

7/3/12 3:59 AM by JeanBaptisteHenry

He has no idea what it is like being Cre.