Claude Patrick: Injured fighters deserve understanding, not complaints

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UFC 149 has now seen nine fighters withdraw: Yoshihiro Akiyama, Thiago Alves, Jose Aldo, Siyar Bahadurzada, Michael Bisping, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, George Roop, Thiago Silva, and latest, Claude Patrick. In addition, Erik Koch and Shogun Rua were moved from the card due to opponent injuries.

Claude Patrick came on the Underground, and addressed distressed fans.

Truth about the UFC "injury bug"

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The much fabled UFC 149 injury bug has touched down close to home, much closer than I'd like, actually taking me out of the upcoming fight vs. James Head in Calgary's UFC debut event.

Training was going awesome and I had managed to put in a solid 13 weeks of work leading up to the fight training here at Elite Training Centre, at Tristar gym in Montreal, and finishing up at team Jaco Training Center in Forida with the crew in the new Blackzillians home base.

Now usually I make myself pretty scarce online before and around fight time as nothing really great comes out of Internet banter, for me at least. Still, i kept getting word that there were a lot of changes going on with the card, ect.

Now last week it just so happens that i got hurt training and after a few days I realised I'm not going to be able to compete at the event, so i zipped back home to take advantage of Canada's lovely health care system, and start getting back on track. This morning i go online and wow, there's a pretty vocal contingent of people screaming bloody murder over a few changes to the card?

FOLKS... it's the top of the sport your still going to get good fights!! Look at some of the guys competing even on the undercard. You may not know them now, but they did the work to be in the show, and can fight.

As a result critcism sent their way, many fighters don't show the Underground much love, but being a long-time member and lifelong fight fanatic, I still have a soft spot for some of you.

So let me fill you in on what must be an industry secret.

Fighters are almost always HURT.

1- There is very rarely a time when you as a fighter can make it through an 8+week training camp and to a fight without being hurt somewhere; it just doesn't happen.

In every fight i've had since being with the UFC things were far from ideal. But that's the game, you just push through and do your thing come fight time. Pretty much every MMA athlete I know will tell you the same. Yeah some guys take the shit too far, and claim that had Ebola or Smallpox before the fight which is why they lost but no REALLY those jokers aside, things do happen that mess you up.

2- missing a fight sucks more for the athlete than anyone else involved.

Take my case for example:
Step 1- I get a call, email, message saying hey your want to fight "xyz" on "abc" date?
Say yes proceed to step 2

Step 2- stop almost everything else I'm doing at the drop of a dime and start planning camp.
Thats done go to step 3

Step 3- now Toronto is one of North America's best cities and a real hot bed for MMA fans, BUT it's also full to the brim with toilet paper soft "mma bad boys" that don't really want to do anything that may result in some adversity, so don't train hard, or, if they are talented are so indoctrinated by their cult-like training facilities they dare not train witha group of other talented athletes from outside their social circle. As a result you find most high level guys have to do training camp or at least some of it out of town.

So you decide where you going and go to step 4

Step 4- Pay travel, food,accomadation costs and get to work in this training camp.

THAT IS COSTLY people VERY COSTLY on a variety of fronts.

As the very wise Melvin guillard put it to me: "I got a special place in my heart for anyone that's hurt, but especially those UFC #@$#@#'s cause that's a lot of work put in to be ready."

Let's show the guys on UFC 149 a bit of respect, and watch a good show. Some quality guys there for sure. I think that Fedor vs. Jose Aldo super fight's gonna have to wait for a bit.


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RJJH site profile image  

7/5/12 8:57 AM by RJJH

 me too, but whats the next card people are going to bitch about? not only bitch about but have a just reason too?

NONURINAUMANA site profile image  

7/5/12 8:57 AM by NONURINAUMANA

RJJH, I know what the problem is. Dana hates you. Wasn't obvious before. That sucks.

southweststalker site profile image  

7/5/12 8:56 AM by southweststalker

This would only be close to correct if the UFC were hiring fighters just to fight on the card. In reality the UFC are putting UFC fighters on the card. Just because they are not Shogun doesnt mean they are trash. They have all earned UFC spots. I went to the card in Philly last year that got smashed with injuries. We lost Phil Davis, Little Nog, Rich Franklin, Vlad Matyushenko, and Alessio Sakara. It was also announced that Machida was gonna fill in and fight Rashad, then he backed out and it ended up being Tito at the last minute. I would imagine people wouldnt be to happy with that either, but I went and it was still a good card. There wasnt much I could do about it so I just took it for what it was. Card subject to change means just that.

RJJH site profile image  

7/5/12 8:55 AM by RJJH

 I am bitter towards UFC lately....and i dont want to be but Dana makes it VERY HARD, here is why. UFC 137 got fucked over royally by the UFC. I dont wanna get into it. but ya. UFC fan club - dnt wanna get into it UFC 149 dont wanna get into it Sonnen fanboys - I have finally had enough

RJJH site profile image  

7/5/12 8:49 AM by RJJH

 the first thing I did was write a "good hearted" letter. second thing I did was ask here if people wanted to buy them, then ut them on stub hub, kijiji and craigslist. THEN i came on here to really voice my opinion. I have even asked Dana himself in a thread 3 days ago about refunds. NO RESPONSE. it seems you dont know what the fuck you are talking about.

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

7/5/12 8:48 AM by Fight! UK Online

Great to get your take on it Claude. Interviewed you after your win in England and always looked out for you since. All the best with the recovery and hope to see you back in there soon.

RJJH site profile image  

7/5/12 8:45 AM by RJJH

 DING DING DING!!! mouth breathers read this slowly and twice.

southweststalker site profile image  

7/5/12 8:37 AM by southweststalker

Man I cant wait for the calgary card to be over so I dont have to see any more threads crying about it.

trollsef site profile image  

7/5/12 3:19 AM by trollsef

It is appreciated that Claude posted however he omits the most important information; that is what and how: re injury.How exactly does a fighter such as himself injure himself with a few weeks to go? That information is more valuable than anything.From GSP's never ending sagas, one can imagine he trains for a particular fighter Diaz a certain way, now knowing his innovative training techniques which include "gymnastics" he trains accordingly for that fight, the that fight gets cancelled. New opponent announced he then re-arranges his training for that opponent and now incorporates his latest innovation "ballet" and then fucks up his knee.But for fighters on course preparing for a well in advance advised opponent fight, how does it always end up in an injury "just before the fight".One should be winding down in traing at this point. Did some outside influence necessitate catching up with training ie. had to take a few days off, need to catch up and hence didn't warm up and got injured.A techinical breakdown and step by step lead up to the injury including the injury itself and when it occured might reveal why/what is going on.Was Claude distracted from training e.g. informed he had to stop training and go and promote the fight? What where or something in the midst of training is causing these injuries at the last minute.

10Marlons site profile image  

7/5/12 3:09 AM by 10Marlons

 Training is easy for fighters. If you don't like trining your ass off, then you picked the wrong carreer path. Chuck Liddel still trains. Fuckin Helio Gracie trained a month before he died.