Ladies of the UFC 4th of July pool party


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7/11/12 3:22 PM by Leghound

I agree with Ken Amtrack re: the skill level displayed in TL's portfolio is very P&S or opportunistic heavy (and please stay away from the horribly overdone HDR!), but I think that misses the point. Tracy Lee is someone who has dedicated her time/money into taking MMA/fight photos and by doing so consistently she opened the door for her to always be in the position to get the shots she gets and shares with us (if that makes sense...I'm tired and it made sense in my head...)I do think it will be interesting to see what changes in the future as more and more money becomes available to photogs taking MMA shots. For example I thought the strobe shot of Rogan doing his high kick in a different thread was shadow heavy (shadow created by his arm on his torso from the from right/rear strobe) and needed some fill lighting and thought an SI or Time Life type photog would never let that picture out in the wild. Anyways, I'm rambling. Keep doing what you're doing Tracy Lee, as the industry grows and your style evolves you'll continue to be a go-to and hopefully all the work will pay off monetarily.

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7/11/12 2:20 PM by ChucoV

By the way Tracy, where you at the sharkfights in amarillo tx when it was headlined by jardine x prangley?

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7/11/12 2:13 PM by ChucoV


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7/11/12 1:52 PM by TBidness


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7/8/12 4:06 PM by tracylee

thank you elias.. :)

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

7/7/12 12:42 PM by Elias Cepeda

Dunno. But Ive got no problem saying what I feel about a colleague I respect since there are not many of them

DallasVanWinkle site profile image  

7/7/12 12:39 PM by DallasVanWinkle

What is with you people obsessed with bashing on Tracy?Seriously, get a fucking life.

Ricky Spanish site profile image  

7/6/12 3:09 PM by Ricky Spanish

Lol sorry that was funny

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7/6/12 3:03 PM by Pride Rules


what site profile image  

7/6/12 3:03 PM by what

Tracy takes great picturesSeems to be a lot of vagina envy in this thread