Forrest Griffin understands dying for the sport

by Steven Marrocco | source:

During the UFC 148 Q&A session, Forrest Griffin talked about the rubber match, co-main event fight vs. Tito Ortiz, which will be the last for "The People's Champ."

Griffin had previously joked that he would "retire from life" if he lost Saturday night. Griffin expanded on the remarks, serious this time.

"Tito said something that kind of spoke to me," Griffin said. "He said... 'I'll die for this, I'll die for that.' At first, it sounds kind of outlandish. But if you really think about it, in 20 or 30 years, if I'm remembered for anything, it's going to be for fighting. I was never a soldier, a fireman, or a cop. I never put my life on the line in another capacity. This is the closest thing to being a hero I'll ever come. So yeah, I'll die for this."

"I'd like to think, in my mind, I've prepared for every single scenario. I think once we get going, it will be the same kind of Tito, the same kind of Forrest. I think we're both going to come in with game plans, and I think it will fall into the same rhythm it has. But I'm ready if it doesn't."

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LColson site profile image  

7/6/12 3:35 PM by LColson

Nothing against Tito, but I hope Forrest whips his ass on Saturday. WAR FORREST!!!

Chiron site profile image  

7/6/12 3:32 PM by Chiron

Could've fooled me when he was content to use his size advantage and lay on Franklin most of their fight. Forrest is out of his mind.

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

7/6/12 1:56 PM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

Don't feed the troll Kirik :)

Kirik site profile image  

7/6/12 1:07 PM by Kirik

There is a degree of ambiguity in there, as Forrest previously said ‘If I lose to Tito, I'm going to retire from life. Seriously'

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/6/12 12:57 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I just hope he isn't ready to spar like he was versus Rich Franklin. If Tito and Forrest spar for 3 rounds, they should be greeted by Congolese rebel troops in the showers. We don't need death. We do however need a fight.

Russianorkhan site profile image  

7/6/12 12:50 PM by Russianorkhan

UFC 148: fight to the deathBetween him and silva we should have some murders

UGCTT_FryedTakayamaOwnedMySN 3x site profile image  

7/6/12 12:18 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayamaOwnedMySN 3x

Can you blame him though. The way EVERYONE turned on him after the Silva would leave me bitter for a damn long time too.Though, I do wish he could move back to the old goofy forrest that made him a fan favorite in the first place

inf0 site profile image  

7/6/12 10:37 AM by inf0

Forrest was cool before he started acting like a douche to the media. I can't believe I'm actually cheering for Tito to beat his ass.... probably won't happen but I'll enjoy it if it does.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

7/6/12 9:37 AM by Chimonos Revenge

I really don't see Tito winning this fight.He has lost what used to make him great and his strength, his explosive takedowns and being able to beat people down from guard.He hasn't shown he can do that to anyone in a long time that isn't named Ken Shamrock.Forrest should be able to keep the fight standing and outstrike him. Probably be a decision for Forrest, since i doubt he is going to KO Tito either.

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

7/6/12 9:37 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare

Forrest is trolling