Anderson Silva wants to fight for 10 more years


At the UFC 148 post-fight press conference, Middleweight champion Anderson Silva says he does not plan to retire any time soon.

“I love doing it, I’ve been doing it since I was 10. Every time I set my training camp it pleases me I can be part of this select group of fighters. While I have the strength physical and mentally, I’ll do what I love to do, I’ll do it," said Silva, relating that he hopes to fight for ten more years.

“I’m very motivated. The fact I’m here, doing what I love… Everybody had the privilege to see at the weigh-n something never seen in history. My greatest motivation is to be here with this guys who are part of history, like Tito. Before I even started Tito was making history."

“Chael came to fight and to do what he does best: take me down. The difference this time was that I wasn’t injured. My game plan was letting him do what he does best, lock him on his own game and then strike."

“I feel great to be able to do my job, being here and give fans joy like we did today. Chael did his work, just like we did. Unfortunately, some win and some lose. It’s normal. We’re here to put on a geat show for you guys."

So who is next?

“It was a great fight, let’s sit and talk about it," said UFC President Dana White. "There are still some fights to come and we’ll decide who the next challenger is. I honestly don’t know."

Asked who deserved a shot at the title, Silva got the attention of all when he asked “Do you really wanna know the answer to this question?”

"My clone," said a smiling Silva.

“Oh, this clone thing again (laughs)”, joked White.

So is there Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva superfight on the horizon? Not really.

“I never tell the guys to go down or up," said White. "Anderson is the best in the sport. I guess he’s the best MMA fighter ever."

“Unless someone calls me saying they want to change… (Anderson Silva) doesn’t want to. He fought there a couple of times. He never had problems cutting weight. He likes this division and he dominates it."

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Recent Comments »

Fabefromfort site profile image  

7/9/12 3:44 AM by Fabefromfort

Remember this Anderson. They said the same things about Elgin Baylor, then Magic Johnson, and Jordan came along and blew them out of the water. There were questions about Magic, and Baylor. Ali's legacy was tarnished by his bum of the month period. Larry Holmes' entire career was tarnished for ducking opponents, and his bum of the month fights. Now Joe Louis, and Jack Johnson are back in the picture for greatest ever. Ditto Rod Laver then Borg, Mcenroe. Federer and Nadal are now threatening. Point is...History has Bones Jones' name on its golden gates. He himself is well on his way to breaking your record for title defenses, and no end in site. Bones is 24. You will certainly be one of the greatest, but time is not on your side, and there is work to be done. There is Bones Jones already knocking on the door as best ever. He gets no injuries because he ends fights with nary a scratch. At his pace, your record will be smashed by the time he reaches 27, as he will surpass you, even if you keep fighting. Looking at both of you right now ? Bones is more well rounded because of the wrestling, and he has as many or more weapons than you. His defense ? Well, he most certainly has you there. Noone can close that distance. Noone's even come close. When it comes down to it, it will be close possibly, but Bones will be the Greatest fighter to grace this globe. Unless.

Mitt Romney 2012 site profile image  

7/8/12 9:32 PM by Mitt Romney 2012

I only see him fighting 3 more times.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

7/8/12 8:59 PM by Fabefromfort

At this point I'm really not interested, as Silva really has no other fights other than Bones Jones. Are they really so respectful of each other as to not fight ? Is that not the most disrespectful thing a guy can do to another fighter trying to be one of the greats ?. Take away that history making fight ? Anyway, maybe when Silva hits 50 or so and someone can get within range to win, but, even'd be a dud. Right now Silva has 10 Tomato cans in the top 10 challengers ( That has been the case since he entered the UFC ). Jones has half a challenger in Hendo, The rest are Tomato Cans in my book. Same with George and the Welters. I know !.. I'm a boxer whose been a fan since the fight of the century. I know fighting better than just about all the fighters in the UFC. I predicted the last 3 main events in a row and nailed most of the ones I saw ( came close in the rest ). I haven't paid much attention to MMA. The guys just can't fight.

Samoa site profile image  

7/8/12 4:56 PM by Samoa

Kinda going out on a limb there saying that his already 5 year run will run out within the next 5 years and before he arrives at 42 years of age.

Nick Fury site profile image  

7/8/12 4:17 PM by Nick Fury

i dont see 10 more years, 3-6 at the most IMO. I'd like to see him fight Rashad at catch weight next or just feed him Bisping to finally end all the stupid talk about the Spittin Britain. Its gotten old.

Northstars17 site profile image  

7/8/12 3:06 PM by Northstars17

Sure he does.... Just like he wanted to retire 2 years ago. He's on a high.. he will play the end of his legacy well because its coming to an end within 5 years IMO.

kevsh site profile image  

7/8/12 2:16 PM by kevsh

Didn't Dana say the only reason Silva fought at 205 was because White wanted him to/made him? Now he says "I'll never tell the guys to go up or down". So which is it?

The Kangaroo site profile image  

7/8/12 2:11 PM by The Kangaroo

 GSP not only fights many more rounds, but also tends to take more damage. Before Chael, Anderson went FIGHTS without taking a truly significant shot. A lot of his fights are glorified sparring sessions, exhibitions really. Id like to see Anderson have one more really active year (3-4 fights) and call it quits. Its better to retire with something in the tank, than a fight or two, too late.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

7/8/12 1:53 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 Anderson will retire on top, and when/if he does lose he'll be granted an immediate rematch (if he wants it) to whoever beats him and if he loses the rematch then he will retire. I can't see him trying to do like Liddel or Franklin and make a second title run after he lost a rematch. At this point Anderson's place in history is sealed.   Also I don't think the rounds you fight matters as much as how you fight and how you train. Anderson seems to have great longevity for many reasons. 

Madakira site profile image  

7/8/12 1:45 PM by Madakira

He can probably fight a lot longer than most fighters. If you count the actual rounds he has fought to lets say, GSP, it is significantly less. But he is also 37 years old. I say 3-4 more fights and he should call it quits. It would be nice to see a nice guy retire on top and not try to make a comeback or something. Just retire and eat Burger King.