Reem: JDS is afraid to fight me


"If they want me to go for the title, I'm going to be ready for that. If they don't, I'm also going to be ready."

But eventually, Overeem insists he's going to get his shot at the belt. As the "most tested athlete on the planet," Overeem said he's taking every precaution to ensure he doesn't ever again fall outside of required commission guidelines, and he knows his time with Dos Santos is coming soon. And when that matchup is rescheduled, Overeem said the champ's words will do little to protect his chin.

"He can talk all he wants," Overeem said. "I know he's very happy that fight didn't happen, and I know he's afraid to fight me. He also knows that I'm the biggest threat out there to him. He knows when he fights me, there's no escape from it.

"He's going to hit and run, or he's going to go down. Either way, he's going to leave that octagon a loser."

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Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

7/9/12 9:47 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

D241 you have a point on Anderson's hibs probably having more of an effect, guess it's hard to tell how much the elevated T levels really helped Chael. Overeem vs JDS is a toss up for me now that Overeem is off the extra T, with the extra T, I would pick Overeem.

sunnyko site profile image  

7/9/12 9:42 PM by sunnyko

Saki speed = trumps JDS

sunnyko site profile image  

7/9/12 9:38 PM by sunnyko

Hahahahahaha HahahahahahahahaHahahHahHaYou lost me at "he was withering against Werdum"Lol.... Didn't you watch any of the pre-fight or fight?

Anomonis site profile image  

7/9/12 8:03 PM by Anomonis

He was borderline withering against Werdum, and Werdum is not a fraction of the striker JDS is. JDS took some shots from Carwin and didn't flinch. Overeem has never took hard shots well, maybe ONE fight he accidentally didn't choke, probably roid raging. You can't train or "supplement" heart, though I'm sure he's tried.

FatLoser site profile image  

7/9/12 8:01 PM by FatLoser

who wouldn't be scared to fight a roided up superman??

Immaculata site profile image  

7/9/12 7:59 PM by Immaculata

Pppffffftttt, ok.

nhbguy site profile image  

7/9/12 7:54 PM by nhbguy

He didn't wither against Tyrone Spong. He actually got rocked in that fight in the first round, came back and dominated the last 2 rounds to win that bout, then came back and won 2 more fights that same night to win the K-1 WGP in 2010. I recognize that K-1 is not mma, but it is a fight, and Alistair showed his character as a fighter that night. You said that he withers every time he's faced a tough fight, that's not what happened in 2010. If you're expecting to see the same drawn out LHW that we saw 6 or 7 years ago, you're going to be very surprised.

Anomonis site profile image  

7/9/12 4:02 PM by Anomonis

JDS is a nightmare for Overroid. JDS won't wither, Alisteroid has withered every time he has faced a tough fight. I look forward to seeing JDS KTFO him.

nhbguy site profile image  

7/9/12 3:54 PM by nhbguy

JDS does not have "more speed" than Gokhan Saki, not even close. He's a more powerful striker for sure and he is quick, but not even in the same ballpark as Saki in terms of pure speed.

bungles site profile image  

7/9/12 11:35 AM by bungles

I think JDS just wants a fair fight. Overeem is someone who's T levels make him look like the fight isn't on an even playing field (even tho I believe JDS would beat him regardless). JDS has a lot to lose by taking a fight with someone who's probably cheating and risk losing everything that he's worked so hard to attain. I'd prob pass on fighting him too.