UFC 148: Grading the walkout music

by Allison Duck | source: lasvegassun.com

“When the one great scorer comes to write against your name -
He marks - not that you won or lost - but how you played the game.”

Grantland Rice

In the aftermath of a major fight card like Saturday's UFC 148, it matters a lot who won or lost. But when the news of the day has been combed through, sometimes there is nothing left to do but mark how they played the song.

Khabib Nurmagomedov
“Remember My Name" by Maino

Gleison Tibau
"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath
B+ "If he moves will he fall?" Nope, not once.

Melvin Guillard
“Ready or Not" by The Fugees
A- "I must confess, my destiny's manifest / In some Goretex and sweats I make treks like I'm homeless."

Fabricio Camoes
“Memories” by David Guetta
A “I just wanna let it go for the night / That would be the best therapy for me.”

Ivan Menjivar
“Logobitombo" by Moussier Tombola
Mike Easton
"Bustin’ Loose” by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
C Infectious upbeat songs, but fight underwhelmed the audience.

Chad Mendes
“Country Boy” by Aaron Lewis
A- “And I've said it before but I'll say it again / Cause my family has always fought and died to save this land."

Cody McKenzie
“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring
A "What the hell is going on? The cruellest dream - reality."

Patrick Cote
“Too Legit To Quit" by MC Hammer
B+ "I choose to abuse, misuse and confuse competitors who think they're makin up all the rules." Porps for not coming out to era rap hit "I wish I was a little bit Taller" by Skee-Lo.

Cung Le
Song was by Wu Tang Clan’s RZA, director of the new film “The Man With the Iron Fists,” in which Le stars.
A Cross promotion is the future

Tito Ortiz
"Mosh" by Eminem
A “Now is the final hour" indeed

Forrest Griffin
“Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys.
C “Shipping up to Boston” is second only to "Welcome to the Jungle" for overplayed MMA entrance songs.

Chael Sonnen
“Too Much Fun” by Daryle Singletary
A Sonnen's epic months-long trash talk was indeed too much fun.

Anderson Silva
"Ain’t No Sunshine” by DMX
"But now it's all over / You just one of the many, plenty I done gave it to."
A+ Perfect

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BillyRayChubbs site profile image  

7/9/12 2:17 PM by BillyRayChubbs

 Does anyone know the name of the song he came out to a LONNNG time ago, where they kept chanting BLACK HOUSE in the beginning?

Skulls615 site profile image  

7/9/12 1:36 PM by Skulls615

You're way off Knippz. And, that song sucks! This one is waaaay cool.

kungfugrip site profile image  

7/9/12 12:48 PM by kungfugrip

and we are so saturated with fights, we have to focus energy on the music

Knippz site profile image  

7/9/12 12:45 PM by Knippz

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev-sz7LhBaU&feature=youtube_gdata_playerHe walked out to this against Nate I believe.

Skulls615 site profile image  

7/9/12 12:19 PM by Skulls615

I think it's in the movie, but he's never walked out to it.

jonflesh site profile image  

7/9/12 12:15 PM by jonflesh

In his book chael said he hates his walk out song but he is such a person of habit/superstition he is too scared to change it. Also said his sports psychologist told him to keep it.

The Loge site profile image  

7/9/12 11:51 AM by The Loge

I love Anderson's walk out song, very close to perfection, for him especially. I really wish Chael would start coming out to "Damn it feels good to be a gangster" by the Geto Boys. It would have been perfect for this fight especially. He certainly had the whole MMA world swinging from his nuts.

Knippz site profile image  

7/9/12 11:37 AM by Knippz

To the guy talking about Anderson's song, you talking about the one he actually walked out to once, where they repeatedly as Spider....Silva?

noisebully site profile image  

7/9/12 11:36 AM by noisebully

anderson always kills it with aint no sunshine. no competition.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

7/9/12 11:23 AM by ChaosOverkill

David Guetta sucks ass