Happy 10th anniversary SPRAWL

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground

I would like to wish sprawl.tv">SPRAWL a happy 10th anniversay!

Ancient Greek Pankration is the father on MMA. Unfortunately, dad competed naked.

After a coupe of thousand years Brazil rekindled the tradition, and added speedos. What the beeeeeeeeeep is that way up Mario Sperry's thigh?

And then came SPRAWL.

 Dennis Hallman went retro. Almost lost his job.

Could have been worse - Hallman could have worn a Training Mask on his jimmy - but not by much.

SPRAWL has a new 10th Anniversary Edition Fight Short.

In celebration of the completion of 10 years in business we are proud to release our comemorative 10th Anniversary Edition fight short.  These shorts were inspired by early SPRAWL designs and our signature black and gold color scheme.  We have included updated features such as our non-slip waist band, advanced stretch fabric and flex panel inseam.  As the longest standing fight short company in MMA we are confident these shorts will last beyond our 20 year anniversary!


On behalf of a grateful sport, thank you SPRAWL. I am looking forward to the next ten years.

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MMAWarehouse Logo Hat

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Super Body Care Body Spray 2oz

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crazydave site profile image  

7/17/12 12:06 AM by crazydave

 Special price for UG peeps?

Slap Maxwell site profile image  

7/16/12 10:04 PM by Slap Maxwell

They said that I wasn't supposed to wear it outside or sweat in it...What kind of hat are you not allowed to wear outside, and how does one produce zero sweat in a hat???

Slap Maxwell site profile image  

7/10/12 10:20 PM by Slap Maxwell

Love my SPRAWL shorts...But my SPRAWL hat was a total turd. Turned maroon in certain areas from sweating. Bummed.

OGsFuriously site profile image  

7/10/12 7:55 PM by OGsFuriously

I've been working out nearly every day for about eight years in my VFlexs (I have the black/yellow and the white/black pairs) and am amazed how they've held up all these years. The only thing was they were a bit long so I altered them about one inch but other than that these shorts are THE Best.Thank you guys at SPRAWL, you're doing a fine job!Please make a pair of VFlexs in Navy Blue and White (or Gray) for the next batch.

shin2chin site profile image  

7/10/12 6:56 PM by shin2chin

I've had two pairs for about 7 and 5 years respectively.No tears, no splits, no issues.One of the finest products on the martial arts market. Happy anniversary.

El Ninja site profile image  

7/10/12 6:00 PM by El Ninja

Own 4 pairs of 'fight shirts' over past 7 years, all are still used, all are SPRAWL. Me not fighter, wear 'em grappling and training in my basement gym.Pls excuse shitty slangtalk, iPhone...

Mixed Martial Farts site profile image  

7/10/12 2:35 PM by Mixed Martial Farts

TiTTs So much SEXY content here on www.mixedmartialfarts.com!  ;-)  

SBJJSean site profile image  

7/10/12 2:26 PM by SBJJSean

Sprawl shorts are the best. I have a pile of different shorts, and the sprawls are definitely the best.

HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

7/10/12 1:26 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

interesting timeline. good job staying in buisness for 10 years though.   

Morgz site profile image  

7/10/12 11:05 AM by Morgz

 Who's is it?