Who is your favorite fighter?

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My sister once asked me who my favorite fighters was.  After I answered her, she did something most people don't - she asked why.  I didn't have an answer.

She is not a fan of the sport, so my favorite fighter doesn't mean anything to her and she pressed on.  "Is the the best?", she asked. 

"He's one of the best," I replied. 

"Is he the champion?" 

"Not right now", I conceded. 

"Then why is he your favorite fighter?" 

I had to admit, I couldn't tell her why exactly. 

My favorite fighter is almost supernaturally talented.  But then, so are most of the top tier fighters.  He is fearless in the cage and always brings electricity to a fight card.  Once again, the same can be said about numerous MMA stars.  My favorite fighter, though terrifying on the mat, seems like an exceedingly nice guy off of it.  Ditto for many others. 

I even have other fighters who I like almost, if not just as much as my favorite fighter.  Each of them has some combination of things, be they fight skills or personality traits, that appeal to me.  Yet when asked to choose one person over all others, I will always give the same answer.

"But why?", my sister still wanted to know.  I thought about it for a few minutes before realizing the best way to explain it to her.

I asked her to give me her five favorite foods.  She named five things, all delicious.  "Now, pick just one of those.  Which one do you like above all the others?"  I don't remember her answer, sushi maybe.  "But you like other foods right?  The four you listed and plenty of others.  Some of them you like almost as much as sushi, right?"

She answered yes.  "So", I asked her "why is sushi your favorite food?"

After looking at me for a second, she replied "to me it just tastes better than anything else."

And with that, I think she understood. 

So who is your favorite fighter? And why?

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absoluteidiot site profile image  

7/11/12 4:31 PM by absoluteidiot

Shogun - nuff said.

Allen Hood site profile image  

7/11/12 4:06 PM by Allen Hood

Nate Diaz. The man is a perfect example of a mma fighter. Lethal boxing and when the fight goes to the ground he has some of the best Bjj in the UFC. Nate may have been a shadow to nick for some years now but I believe he will have legit UFC gold first.

xsrg95 site profile image  

7/11/12 3:55 PM by xsrg95


kimuralock site profile image  

7/11/12 3:52 PM by kimuralock

Bas Rutten.......... all I need to say

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

7/11/12 3:44 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Sakuraba Don Frye close 2nd

InYourMomaCloset site profile image  

7/11/12 3:41 PM by InYourMomaCloset

Also, I think one of the more charismatic fighters the sport has seen. Not in the Sakuraba or Mayhem Miller sense. Just natural presence; charisma without even trying.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

7/11/12 12:40 PM by Lazer MMA

HendoAny weight any timeSmall guy, 6-1 VS HW's (only guy to beat both Fedor and Nog)Said yes to JDS.

ChucoV site profile image  

7/11/12 12:38 PM by ChucoV

Goddammit just 1??Fedor.Great role model and a killer in the ring.

TeamThundermma site profile image  

7/11/12 12:32 PM by TeamThundermma

Randy Couture. Always a class act