Details emerge from Fedor's contract with M-1, including UFC clause

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

A lot of discussion has been made in the media and Underground Forum about the career of legendary heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. The fighter was rumored to have been offered the biggest contract in the history of the UFC by President Dana White, but of course Emelianenko never came to terms. The exact reason as to why Fedor never signed with the UFC will probably never been known, as White and Emelianenko's management have given conflicting stories.

Regardless, Fedor stayed with M-1, fighting under the Strikeforce banner as well as the M-1 Global banner after Zuffa purchased Strikeforce.

Recently, Underground Forum member 'ShoeMoney' revealed that he not only had details, but the complete contract Fedor signed with M-1 Global in 2008. He had obtained a copy of this contract, as he was a potential investor in M-1 Global as it was starting up.

At 45 pages it's a long read, but of most interest to fans might be that there was a clause that stated should Emelianenko fight the UFC champion, he would be paid $5 million from M-1 Global and another million for winning the bout. It appears this would be in excess of whatever contract was reached between Emelianenko in the UFC.

With Fedor now retired and it being four years later, I'm not sure what value the contract has, but to hardcore fans, it is an interesting piece of history in the storied career of one of the best heavyweights of all-time.

view the entire contract....

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DontClickMyThreadsTheyreAScam site profile image  

10/11/12 7:10 PM by DontClickMyThreadsTheyreAScam

lol someone messaged me asking how many dl's its just over 140k...  But I see a lot of people have linked to it.

fasthandssam site profile image  

7/15/12 1:02 PM by fasthandssam

sub a dub

ShoeMoney site profile image  

7/15/12 12:43 PM by ShoeMoney

Hair got back into town and checked my amazon s3 stats. This contract has been downloaded 43,624 times lol. That is total times not unique so people could have DL it 2x ore more. It's linked directly from tons of MMA sites though too.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

7/14/12 12:50 PM by SinCityHustler

You confuse putting Fedors ball lickers in their place with me bashing Fedor.  Fedor is a legend and an all time great.  Just because I can objectively discuss his career and don't make excuses for his defeats doesn't mean I'm not a fan.  I can actually appreciate him inspite of not being perfect.  You need to lie to yourself into beleving that he is perfect in order to be able to worship him.  You live a very sad life.  Fedor is one of my top 10 favorite fighters.  

trollsef site profile image  

7/13/12 10:18 PM by trollsef

They're anxious to do something with him before the orignal NDA expires and as ShoeMoney has done, "dana's" bluster with shitty little islands and we offered him everything, is exposed eventually and posted everywhere to see what bullshitters they really are.

Russianorkhan site profile image  

7/13/12 10:17 PM by Russianorkhan

He already said mmajunkie and sherdog a few pages back

Russianorkhan site profile image  

7/13/12 10:15 PM by Russianorkhan

Ur a fedor fan???? Lmfao u must be the worst fan fedor ever had since u spend 75% of your time bashing fedor.....even before he lost u were lookin for reasons to bash kindly stfu

Kneeblock site profile image  

7/13/12 1:11 PM by Kneeblock


Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

7/13/12 10:46 AM by Barry_BondsMVP


Coffin Joe site profile image  

7/13/12 10:39 AM by Coffin Joe

You originally called it "a bogus offer" and they had "no intention" of making the fight happen. I simply replied that--in my opinion--it was, in fact, a legit offer, the offeree (Couture) intended/attempted to accept the offer, and the fight would have happened were it not for the result of the lawsuits. Whether the fight went down or not came down to a judge's decision. Imho, that's a far cry from a "bogus offer" that was never intended to be realized. I guess you think Couture was an idiot for biting on this "bogus" offer then.