Dana White: UFC 149 'craziest card of all time'

by Matt Erickson | source: mmajunkie.com

UFC 149 has now seen nine fighters withdraw: Yoshihiro Akiyama, Thiago Alves, Jose Aldo, Siyar Bahadurzada, Michael Bisping, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, George Roop, Thiago Silva, and latest, Claude Patrick. In addition, Erik Koch and Shogun Rua were moved from the card due to opponent injuries.

"I'd say this one wins," UFC president Dana White said. "This is the winner. We lost nine to injury and we had to move two other fights. So I would say, yes, this was the craziest card of all time."

The card was supposed to be headlined by a featherweight title fight between champion Jose Aldo and top contender Erik Koch with Michael Bisping-Tim Boetsch as the co-main event. But Aldo was forced out with an injury and, later, so was Bisping thanks to surgery.

The UFC looked to one of its most popular fighters, Urijah Faber, for a rescue and moved his interim bantamweight title fight against Renan Barao to the main event at UFC 149 from a co-headlining spot at UFC 148.

"I think if you look at our track record, when things fall apart we put the cards back together," White said. "… the fact of the matter is, we do always deliver. … And I'll tell you this right now: Most of the people who live in Calgary have never seen the UFC live. We're coming. And you think you like what you see on TV? Wait till you see this live event. Our fighters always deliver."

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Megatherium site profile image  

7/14/12 4:44 PM by Megatherium

Unfortunately the Calgary Combative Sport Commission doesn't have a rule that provides a refund option when the main event is changed. Nevada and California, that's a different story.If this event had taken place at MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay or Staples Center, Zuffa would have provided the option of a refund to ticket buyers. It still is the right thing to do, even in a backwater like Calgary. Ticket buyers have every reason to be irate.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/14/12 4:07 PM by chaplinshouse

 "crazy" very misleading.  "most cursed" better fit

tonytr site profile image  

7/14/12 1:33 AM by tonytr

I've seen the original card, and I know what keyboard warrior means. It means bitching from behind a computer about things you know nothing about (though you think you do because you're such a "diehard" fan). Yes, the card is disappointing, but that wasn't the UFC's fault. Injuries happened, you know this. There are only so many options they have when it comes to replacement fights. They have to weigh their options, and sometimes that means a relatively lackluster card. There are things to consider such as fighter availability, training time tables, saving somebody for a different card (Shogun), etc. Bottom line is, yes, the card is disappointing. But it wouldn't have been had it not been for all of those injuries, or even half of them. Therefore there's no reason to bitch at the UFC on this particular issue. What, you think they WANT to put on a ppv that isn't stacked? People who bash Zuffa/Dana White for everything are just as bad as the "Zuffa shills" as you call them. The fact that you resorted to using that phrase makes me laugh.

trollsef site profile image  

7/13/12 10:32 PM by trollsef

LoL @ giving the most conniving cunning company a free pass "all the time" under the guise of "fighter" pay and "be grateful".. you useless fucking cunts don't know what it takes to make ... yes make.. not receive from the government or handout beggings on the UG, but make " 60 dollars".Never on the planet has it been seen that the most retarded disbursement of hard earned money ever been witnessed. It in fact represents the ridiculously lame following of the "UFC brand" where pissing out massive amounts of hard earned money is simply dismissed "oh well Dana is GOD your just a looser".IF, and it's a big IF, if the money was spread amongst the fighters, no complaint, bit that little shit is pocketing the difference between your hard earned money spent and what he will pay out to the fighters.At minimum if that coward loudmouth can guarantee the gate pay vs the fighter pay will be spread amongst the fighters, it might be palatable. Instead numbnuts giggles 'we put on the best shows, so shove it it you don't like it'.Someone needs to hold that "promoter" accountable, bare minimum the difference between live gate and payout goes to the fighters that night instead of his pocket.If you useless cuntards cannot grasp that... well.

Russianorkhan site profile image  

7/13/12 10:31 PM by Russianorkhan

Or some people are adults with families and little kids, so cant have a ufc "party" twice a month when kids are sleeping......when i was single with no family then yes i agree....but these days i do sometimes order a ppv all by myself and watch with the wife....goin out to a bar till 1-2 am is ok sometimes, but if ur doin it every couple of weeks, any normal house wife would not be too happy about being left alone with the kids while u go party.....dont worry one day you will be grow up and have a family and see...unless u marry the kinda girl who herself goes out to clubs and bars without u, in which case u can too obviously....but my wife doesnt go anywhere at night without me, so it would be disrespectful of me to leave her with the kid every 2 weeks while i go get drunk and hooters or buffalo wild wings.....once in a while is ok, but not every 2 weeks

Russianorkhan site profile image  

7/13/12 10:23 PM by Russianorkhan

Underground Blog - "… the fact of the matter is, we do always deliver. … And I'll tell you this right now: Most of the people who live in Calgary have never seen the UFC live. We're coming. And you think you like what you see on TV? Wait till you see this live event. Our fighters always deliver."Sounds like he"s saying its a pretty awesome card....but i agree with you that in crazy, he means the amount of changes and switches....but still he thinks its worth $50-$60

sgotwalks site profile image  

7/13/12 10:05 PM by sgotwalks

Bitching about the ppv is weaksauce, you either get it, go out for it, or find something better to do, which should not be difficult to do at this time of year. However, if you spent hundreds on a ticket you have every right in the world to swallow a bottle of bitter pills!

Shogun121 site profile image  

7/13/12 9:48 PM by Shogun121

You dont get all the bitching? Compare the original card to the card now with matt riddle on the main card. Naturally fans are going to be disappointed, i dont get how you dont get that. The zuffa shills on here cant understand consumer disappointment. Anything the company pushes out should be accepted with open arms. Do you also know what keyboard warrior means? Its a lacklaster card save the top two fights but as i said i really wish there would have been some better quality replacements added, the original card was outstanding and the new one is borderline. Also not to happy they moved shogun from a card lacking star power.

trollsef site profile image  

7/13/12 9:39 PM by trollsef

Lodge a formal complaing with the BBB or any other consumer complaint thing they have there, record a note for the record somewhere anywhere. The blemished free reputation even with the most obscure recorded "black mark" against their name is not what they want. And it accumulates over time.Set the record somewhere in Calgary now. There has to be a consumer protection agency under the government where formal complaints can be filed, do it, regardless whether it works or it, push back hard, so that their name is tainted in Calgary for the future.

tonytr site profile image  

7/13/12 9:32 PM by tonytr

I don't get all the bitching. What else were they supposed to do with all of those injuries? I know it's a cliche at this point, but the "keyboard warrior" thing really is out of hand with some of you people. You don't understand the business side of things and what goes into it. Besides, you don't HAVE to buy the ppv. Spend 10 bucks at a local Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings, both of which show every fight. It's that easy.