Kennedy: 'Nobody gives a $#!%' about Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Looking at the stage for the Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy pre-event press conference, it's your average press conference. Looking toward the audience, it feels like a forgotten event.

"I just came from Vegas, where they had 2,000 people at the weigh-in (it was actually closer to 8,000)," said Tyron Woodley, who fights Nate Marquardt for the vacant Strikeforce welterweight title, told "I think it's a disrespect to Strikeforce. It should be advertised a little bit more."

"Take a picture," Tim Kennedy said. "There's not a single goddamn reporter here. There's four of you guys. This is two title fights for Strikeforce. It's crystal clear that nobody gives a s---. They don't. I knock Rockhold out on Saturday night? Changes nothing for me. Nothing in, like, what media publications are going to cover me, who talks about me, sponsors I'm going to get. Do you know how much money I didn't make in sponsors for this fight because nobody cares about Strikeforce? It's insane.

"I'm fighting one of the best fighters on the planet. Not top 10 – like top five. I'm very confident that both Luke and I would clean house all the way to the top one or two guys in the UFC that could finally give us a fight, and nobody cares. It doesn't make any sense. Just the ignorance of the sport and the athletes, there's no way we can change that unless you let us fight other guys outside of the organization, and that's just not going to happen."

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GSP24 site profile image  

7/14/12 7:09 PM by GSP24

Just as Pride died, so will Strikeforce. I'm thinking Strikeforce will be absorbed into the UFC sooner than later.Was Helwani there atleast?

diggity site profile image  

7/14/12 7:06 PM by diggity

Obviously not dude.

UGCTT_mrthesnake site profile image  

7/14/12 7:03 PM by UGCTT_mrthesnake

I guess they sold 16000 tickets.

Newaza freak site profile image  

7/14/12 6:48 PM by Newaza freak

What makes no sense whatsoever is that Masvidal,Aoki,Alvarez,Gilbert,etc are better than some of the undercard fighters and Tuf graduates that currently fight on different UFC undercards. Am I saying they are better than the current champions? but they are better than some people that call themselves UFC fighters and compete for the UFC under contract. That is the big problem with the UFC,they decide who fights for them and why and it's not really based on most experienced or records or proven skills.Monopoly.

Fighter Style site profile image  

7/14/12 5:26 PM by Fighter Style

 I would have to agree - showtime killed strikeforece and it doesnt help that zuffa isnt treating it like its hanging around for the long term.  They have plans for it and its disolving it and folding it into the UFC.  I just hope they keep the womens divisions around.

UGCTT_AsimpleFan site profile image  

7/14/12 5:23 PM by UGCTT_AsimpleFan

I am going to be watching, I never miss a Strikeforce card. Them and Shameless are the only reason I pay for Shotime. With that said why doesn't Scott Coker ever get any blame in these threads? Couldn't he do more? I am not an expert in business but it his baby and I always see blame going everywhere but his direction.

roscoegrinders site profile image  

7/14/12 2:53 PM by roscoegrinders

Card is better than UFC 147 LOL

,DBK, site profile image  

7/14/12 7:43 AM by ,DBK,

Such a bummer, I'm more stoked for this card than I have been several recent UFCs.

DojoJay site profile image  

7/14/12 6:01 AM by DojoJay

Ha, to Kennedy via Nick, we feel ya, and we're back with a vengeance to help the cream rise...  

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/14/12 3:35 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

What is sad is that if Brock Lesnar had lunch with Dana that EVERY MMA and pro wrestling site would have 17 articles, 23 opinion pieces and at least 9 opinions of the editor on what this means. Yet for Strikeforce it will be one asshole "writer" watching it on tv and providing snarky play by play on their respective sites. That's it. Welcome to MMA journalism where Bleacher Report is sadly better than most sites.