Rosenthal: 'I was just a little slow on the trigger'


In the main event of UFC on FUEL TV 4, Chris Weidman dropped Mark Munoz, and started to Ground n Pound.

He didn't stop for a while.

Fans faulted referee Josh Rosenthal for not stopping the bout sooner, and Rosenthal agrees.

"I came home and I watched it, and I was kind of like you know, if I was sitting here, watching this on the couch, I probably would have been talking smack about myself," admitted Rosenthal. "I always say accountability is a huge part of the sport, and you are accountable for your actions.

"I feel like I was just a little slow on the trigger. I don't want to see guys take unnecessary punishment. It's a rough sport. Everyone knows what they sign in for, but it's a millisecond-basis game. You're making choices right there on the spot, and in the heat of the moment, I felt like I was seeing some stuff.

"In hindsight, I have to step my game up and make sure I'm on point for the next guys."

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Jored1990 site profile image  

7/14/12 9:18 PM by Jored1990

I guess you missed Pete Sell vs Matt Brown, that shit was ridiculous

TopGrinder site profile image  

7/14/12 1:58 PM by TopGrinder

I have no prob with that stoppage. It was at the perfect time. I hate early stoppages. I like it brutal and clear ......

FormrChamp site profile image  

7/14/12 1:54 PM by FormrChamp

Although i really like Stann, i think Bisping once again gets the easier matchup between Stann,Weidman and Belcher. Thanks uncle Dana.....And Stann isn't a top 10 fighter for all of you Bisping nut huggers.....

mikethecricket site profile image  

7/14/12 1:01 PM by mikethecricket

Judging by the fact that after a stoppage the fighter usually gets up and says he's fine...I would guess that most guys would prefer the extra chance to come back at the expense of the possibility of taking a few unanswered shots.

stonepony site profile image  

7/14/12 6:22 AM by stonepony

Lesnar vs Carwin was one of the best examples of competent reffing in a long time.

Beggsie site profile image  

7/14/12 6:09 AM by Beggsie

I thought that was great reffing.

ric482 site profile image  

7/14/12 5:40 AM by ric482

Generally i like the guy but when i was watching lesnar carwin i said to my wife you can tell the ref used to be/is currently a wwe fan and didn't want his idol to lose because the majority of other refs would have stopped that fight sooner. Munoz stoppage had winslow all over it.

Drunkie site profile image  

7/14/12 5:40 AM by Drunkie

the slow stop is understandable in my book. because of the hits it looked like Munoz was moving his hands so it was hard to tell he was out. when i watched it live i thought he was out at first then thought he wasn't. the ref stopped it once he was sure and takes blame for being a lil slow. that is a class act.

Beggsie site profile image  

7/14/12 5:37 AM by Beggsie

It was still brutal though. I cringed watching it.