Mike Dolce: 'Every fighter on the planet could learn from Chael Sonnen'

by Justin Faux | source: mmasucka.com

Mike Dolce went 5-10 as a professional fighter, and has now found his place as the most sought after nutritionist in the sport. Among his high-profile clients in Chael Sonnen who unsuccessfully challenged Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title last Saturday.

Dolce talks about the event with MMASucka Radio.

“It was absolutely overwhelming, the amount of people in town," said Dolce. "This truly was international fight week –Everywhere you went it was about the UFC and about MMA so that surrounding the event and the competition between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen was mind blowing, a great experience and a real honor to be a part of in my small way."

“Chael is an amazing guy, an amazing athlete, a class act – I think every fighter on the planet could learn from Chael Sonnen, he built the fight and he chose the fight against the baddest man on the planet, we all know that you don’t pick a fight with Anderson Silva unless you’re crazy or really talented and Chael is really talented."

“He went out there, he had prepared like a champion, he fought like a champion, he fought with pure heart and he lost to the better man in the cage on that night and afterwards the class he showed respecting Anderson and the Brazilians, it was really great to be a part of that and witness Chael doing that,”

“After the fight he said ‘I know I lost, but I’m still better than that guy’ and I agree, just on these two nights he wasn’t and we respect that and appreciate that but he’ll certainly be back."

“Well, the fans are the best judges on the planet," said Dolce about Silva's controversial actions. "We’re all fans and we have our opinions and the majority of our opinions are correct, regardless of what you do it your life fans are pretty darn educated on this sport so if you look at the criteria and look at the NSAC rules there were a few infractions you could say but that’s not what we’re focused on, we’re focused on the next fight moving forward."

“It’s a fight, punches, knees and kicks are thrown and sometimes it’s not thrown to the letter or the law, we know it and we get it but we’re moving forward with it and we want the next fight, we’re not looking back to that fight because they are gonna have to fight again, quite possibly or he’s gonna have to fight someone else, that’s certainly Chael’s feeling, that’s my feeling."

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ElTriangulo site profile image  

7/14/12 7:49 PM by ElTriangulo

They only way they won't remember him is if someone manages to manhandle Anderson Silva for a full fight and take his belt. In fact, he will not be forgotten ever in MMA He has come closer than anyone else to beating the GOAT.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

7/14/12 4:06 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Chael didn't say this. Dolce did.

C Riv site profile image  

7/14/12 3:52 PM by C Riv


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7/14/12 3:48 PM by Crooklyn


Kirik site profile image  

7/14/12 3:47 PM by Kirik

 Thank you for the correction. Chris is up to his usual muddled antics.

killthetraitor site profile image  

7/14/12 2:47 PM by killthetraitor

He could teach you how to back peddle really good!

BlazerinTraining site profile image  

7/14/12 2:37 PM by BlazerinTraining

Anybody calling Chael a classy guy warrants judgement about his own character. Chael can say that he is better than AS all he wants but the fact is that he isn't even better than him when he cheats. This guy is full of excuses and is no longer relavent. A year or two from now nobody will remember who this idiot is...You can only act like an asshole for so long until even the idiotic fans who are drawn to that behavior become sick of your antics and sad attempts to keep yourself in the mix of things for all the wrong reasons.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

7/14/12 1:51 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive


Pride Rules site profile image  

7/14/12 1:13 PM by Pride Rules

 wow ufc shill mods that didnt take long

Crooklyn site profile image  

7/14/12 1:13 PM by Crooklyn

No problem friend. I had fun. Thanks for having me on.