Larkin drops to knees, begs for bonuses

by Maggie Hendricks | source:

After winning a decision over Robbie Lawler at Strikeforce: Kennedy vs. Rockhold on Saturday night, Lorenz Larkin asked UFC president Dana White for a favor. During the postfight interview, Larkin got down on his knees and asked commentator Mauro Ranallo to join him there. Larkin then begged for equality among fighters, and asked that Strikeforce fighters receive fight night bonuses, like their UFC counterparts.

The extra money can turn out to be a financial boon for fighters. UFC heavyweight Pat Barry was six days from eviction and surviving on ketchup packets and rice when two bonuses for one fight came in.

Several UFC events are held every quarter, giving UFC fighters 2-3 fights a year. Strikeforce fighters are often waiting for months and months for their bouts.

Tim Kennedy, one of Saturday night's main eventers, waited a year for his bout, despite having no injuries holding him out of competition. Considering fighters only receive purses when they fight, how often they fight affects how much money they make.

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Leghound site profile image  

7/18/12 7:39 PM by Leghound

This seems relevant

Reality TV Star site profile image  

7/18/12 1:22 PM by Reality TV Star


epwar site profile image  

7/18/12 12:49 PM by epwar

Larkin interview from Sherdog. Sad that he knows he'll never get a response from Dana & co.  I'll sit patiently and wait for MMA media to ask Dana why they don't reward Strikeforce fighters (yeah right!).

chrisoefer site profile image  

7/17/12 11:53 PM by chrisoefer

I was referring to zuffa as a whole not sf or ufc individually. I wouldn't invest money into strike force either. But giving the fighters incentives to preform better is something that invests in the fighter not the sinking promotion they're fighting in.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much site profile image  

7/17/12 11:34 PM by If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

SF is not a billion dollar promotions, in fact it is losing money every time they have a show. I don't blame Dana for not sinking any money into it, Showtime has plenty of money and they wan to make the decisions, then have them put the money in to it.

chrisoefer site profile image  

7/17/12 8:43 PM by chrisoefer

The right thing based off the fact that the other fighters under the zuffa brand are eligible.

Munk site profile image  

7/17/12 7:51 PM by Munk

"If I was running a promotion worth upwards of a billion dollars, or if I was the President of said company and I was worth around $150 million, I would gladly shell out the money to give these other guys their bonuses."If you were. But you are not, because you can not, so you have no say."It's not about telling someone how to run their finances or their company. It's about doing the right thing."According to whom? You? You are not qualified to determine the right thing because it's not your time, investment and resources. I could easily say you should have a car and a home worth have their value and contribute the rest to whatever "good cause" because it's the right thing. It's a stupid assumption

chrisoefer site profile image  

7/17/12 6:38 PM by chrisoefer

Fair enough. I guess in situations like this the general public will never know the whole back story to the situation. It does suck for the fighters. The way it looks though is that showtime will be the eventual loser in the situation. Thanks for all the insight.

kostello site profile image  

7/17/12 6:20 PM by kostello

It was sad to see a black man on his knees begging for money.Don't do that again Larkin.Tell DW "Give us some damn money!"... and do it standing up.

CindyO site profile image  

7/17/12 6:04 PM by CindyO

But in the bigger picture, Zuffa is a business and has already invested tens of millions of dollars in Forza/SF. It continues to loss money every time there is a show. Plus, they have no faith in the decision makers involved with the Showtime deal. On top of that, they don't have the power to change the situation because contractually they are stuck, for now. I personally wouldn't sink another penny into the sinking ship, especially after having offered up lifeboats (additional funding) and experienced talent (DW) to keep things afloat only to be told "no thanks." I would sit back, honor the contracts like I would expect the fighters to, and wait until Showtime tapped out (then bring the fighters to the UFC) or was willing to renegotiate the deal and make the changes necessary to prosper (Zuffa's way). Doing anything else makes no sense, IMO. I absolutely get your point about the fighters geting the short end of the stick. It would be nice if Zuffa AND Showtime supplemented their income since BOTH are responsible for the problems, IMO. Zuffa is tired of losing money (remember, they had SFs back big time until the situation a few months ago) and not being able to do anything about it and the Showtime guys ego won't allow him to take the passengers seat of the stick shift car he doesn't know how to drive. Zuffa shouldn't be expected to keep sending in the tow truck after every event when Showtime finds itself in another ditch. Showtime should be digging in their pockets just as deep as folks think Zuffa should to lessen the impact on the athletes or just STFU, step aside, and let Zuffa do their thing (and foot the bill). It's tough for people to do that, though... but doing anything else makes no sense, IMO. Cindy