Evans 50/50 on move to middleweight

by Franklin McNeil | source: espn.com

Former UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans told ESPN.com on Thursday that he is giving "serious consideration" to moving to the middleweight division.

"I've been thinking about going down to middleweight lately," Evans said. "I haven't totally made up my mind. It's something I'm going to think about a little more in the coming months and see where my body's at, but I'm definitely giving it serious consideration. The odds of me moving down to 185 are 50-50 or better."

"I'd like to go right into a title fight, but realistically there are other contenders at 185, and to skip over everybody wouldn't be fair. So, it would make sense for me to establish myself in the weight class and have a fight or two, whatever the case may be."

"I'm pretty sure I can make the cut," said Evans, who has a professional mixed martial arts record of 17-2-1, "but I've never been down that low. If I decide to move down, I will do a practice cut first to make sure my body can do it. That will determine whether I can fight at middleweight or not.

"I will also talk to my management team as well to see what they think, whether I should move down to 185. The last thing I want to do is move down and become half the athlete I am at 205.

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NotJustA12er site profile image  

7/16/12 6:20 PM by NotJustA12er


LucasBTiger site profile image  

7/16/12 6:09 PM by LucasBTiger

For real. How could he be the biggest fan, when I AM THE BIGGEST FAN!!!! MUAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you were me, then I'd be YOU, and I'd use YOUR BODY to get to the top. You cant stop me no matter WHO YOU ARRRRE!!! EEEEEHEHEHEHEHELOOOOSER!

LucasBTiger site profile image  

7/16/12 6:07 PM by LucasBTiger

I'm blown away that this was missed for so long..

kostello site profile image  

7/16/12 6:04 PM by kostello

If Rashad gets him down... he won't get triangle choked.It's a super boring fight in the making. Rashad will not trade with AS. It'll look just like the Rampage fight. I believe Rashad will win in a snooze fest.

LucasBTiger site profile image  

7/16/12 5:44 PM by LucasBTiger

Understands one thing... Humor.

LucasBTiger site profile image  

7/16/12 5:42 PM by LucasBTiger


UGCTT_virginia757 site profile image  

7/16/12 5:13 PM by UGCTT_virginia757

It could definitely make things interesting

Fabefromfort site profile image  

7/16/12 3:17 PM by Fabefromfort

Shad suffers from Coutureitis, or Randy Couture Syndrome which afflicts most wrestlers that develop a punch, or standup game, maybe a little to good for their coaches liking. Said fighter decides to abandon what got em there in the first place because a KO is much more fun, is more glamorous, easier on the system, better for the EGO, than the gawd-awful wrestling. Believe me I know. I've had thousands of fights, and most of those end up in wrestling skirmishes. You get banged up, scratched, bruised,completely winded..it ain't peaches an cream let me tell you. Anyway, In addition to Shad ( who prances around like he's Tommy the Hitman Hearns, he ain't ), you have Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen ( maybe ), Hendo, Chuck Liddell, and a slew of others. The thing is it worked great for Liddell. Hendo should have concentrated more on submissions in his career, and payed more attention to the ground game, because he got into situations where he needed something else because he was not going to get the W standing up. Ditto for everyone else that got there wrestling. Wrestling is to MMA what the jab is to boxing. It's a staple that's always there to get youy through, for defense or offense. If you get slugged and get into trouble you grab the guy and wrestle for dear life. You end fights wrestling, with ground and pound, or submissions. I just never thought much of Shad anyway. I'm 51, 5'10, and never had a MMA fight, but I've boxed, and I really do think I'd give Shad a good go. He competes not bad though. I just think Rashad made an agreement in that fight with Jones. After Jones discovered the elbows working so well with Shad, and put Evans in trouble, Shad began to lose his desire to win that one. But, he did catch Jones, and Jones just wanted the W, and be done with it. Jones didn't push too hard to seal that deal because Rashad hurt him earlier. Rashad backed off a little in pressing. A combination of being winded, and knowing the Jones D is impenetrable made Shad agree to a Decision loss.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

7/16/12 10:10 AM by Farewell Brock

He clock watched and had the most hesitant fight I've ever seen him in. I truly believe the only reason that fight went the distance is because rashad didn't try to put pressure on Jones. Besides, since when is losing decisively an accomplishment large enough to put him ahead of the top 5 in line for that shot? As it stands Lombard, bisping, wiedman all deserve shots ahead of Rashid at Anderson

Herrgh site profile image  

7/16/12 8:58 AM by Herrgh

He should discuss the secrets toa successful weight cut with rumble.