Ian McCall responds to calls he is underpaid

source: The Underground

When the UFC-on-FX-3-payroll-totals-423500/">purses for UFC on FX 3: "Johnson vs. McCall" were released, many fans were upset that headliner Ian McCall made only $9,000 for his losing effort versus Demetrious Johnson.

However, McCall came on The Underground and reported that things are not always as reported when it comes to UFC fighter pay.


From: UGCTT_UncleCreepy
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Dana says he doesn't like to give out real numbers, which is def. the truth cause i came on here and saw people saying things like i shoulda got paid more even though i lost but i headlined the card..

i did, dana sent me an extra 25k right after the fight plus i got main event sponsor money haha

the UFC pays you to do your job, if you do it then you get paid good.. in my UFC debut i made over 80,000... thats a lot of money for a division half the MMA community didn't know existed!!

i love all of you guys, most of you know my life story, i just wanted you to know that i get taken care of by the UFC real well, ESPECIALLY when it comes to $!

All i gotta do now is beat the crap out of someone and move forward and start making anderson moneyyy !!!!!!! :)

UGCTT 4 LIFE! gotta head out but the shirts should be coming tomorrow so ill be signing them all for ya!


From: UGCTT_UncleCreepy
www.UncleCreepyMMA.com, UGCTT President
Member Since: 6/19/02
Posts: 5085

Dana leaves it up to the fighters to talk about their pay, a lot of you guys dont know we get paid a lot more than what you see..

that is all :)


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kinson site profile image  

7/18/12 3:25 AM by kinson

UFC haters thats all.

UGCTT_UncleCreepy site profile image  

7/18/12 2:28 AM by UGCTT_UncleCreepy


NorthFromHere site profile image  

7/18/12 2:27 AM by NorthFromHere

Thanks for sharing the info

UGCTT_UncleCreepy site profile image  

7/18/12 2:24 AM by UGCTT_UncleCreepy

no problem, someone mentioned a rematch with me and da silva in brazil so maybe ill come hang out with you guys soon!

zazen br site profile image  

7/18/12 2:18 AM by zazen br

Uncle Creepy FIGHTING!You have many fans in Brazil! I think you got robbed the first fight and was cheering for you in the rematch against Mighty Mouse...Not a big deal anyways you'll be back strong. Keep up the great fights and thanks for sharing information with us!

huggy bear site profile image  

7/18/12 12:08 AM by huggy bear

WTF I swear every freaking thread on here always comes back to Fedor LMAO.

NWAGold site profile image  

7/17/12 11:42 PM by NWAGold

I've never understood why fans worry so much about fighter pay. Who really cares? Isn't a person's finances their own worry? I mean, I don't even care what my friends make or how they negotiate their salary, why should I care about what a fighter makes? Many seem to have a lot of money, or at least it appears that way. I've been watching UFC since it all started and I was renting the videos from the video store. It's amazing, but I don't care what they make, it just seems like their own business, not mine.

stonepony site profile image  

7/17/12 4:01 PM by stonepony

Should have taken another photo, with you holding him. Piggy-back ride maybe.

crumbs site profile image  

7/17/12 10:27 AM by crumbs

Mma fans , it's like time traveling to the past when people thought football players didn't get paid enough.Now look at them, you have fans complaining football players get paid too much, yet you can walk down to any random home depot and buy 2x4 off former NFL players who are broke as fuck.Some people make drew Bree's money(20 mill per year),some people make Pratice roster money (88k yr)Some people make Anderson silva money, some people make undercard money.MMA fans , think there sport is different then any other sport, that's the know it all mentality of "hardcore" fans I guess. Well mma isn't any different.

MiamiJ site profile image  

7/17/12 9:40 AM by MiamiJ

Creepy keeps it real.