Is Bruce Lee the father of MMA?

by Kev Geoghegan | source:

Nearly 40 years after his death, Bruce Lee is still one of the most recognisable faces in the world.

Of all the credits attached to the name Bruce Lee, one of the bolder claims made in the documentary I Am Bruce Lee, is that he was the de facto father of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Its invention is credited largely to the Gracie family of fighters from Brazil, who founded the Brazilian jiu-jitsu utilised in "Vale Tudo" combat of the early 20th Century.

However, Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee agrees it is unlikely that one man or family single-handedly invented something as universal as mixing different forms of combat.

"Certainly, there are very few wholly original ideas in the world, there are usually people coming to the same conclusions or carrying out experiments, whether publicly or privately."

But she adds: "One thing I will say about my father is that he was very much out in the forefront talking about his beliefs about being a complete fighter and attaching a philosophy to that and teaching it.

"While there may have been people prior to him who thought about mixing one or two forms, it was really my father who took it to a public level."

"You know how I think of myself?", Lee said once in an interview. "As a human being.... under the sky, under the heavens there is but one family."

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yusul site profile image  

7/22/12 3:29 PM by yusul

Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu as well as the other jj styles are considered a sogo bujutsu, so have a complete cirriculum including striking. the single goal of the tokyo police at the time was to find out the the single most effective form of hand to hand combat. if you think about it, police opponents could come from jujutsu or boxing schools, and the police had to take on all comers unarmed. therefore it made sense that was a no-holds barred situation; however, judo was just using throws and grappling, some of which fatally killed opponents. it was never listed as a grappling tournament.

MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

7/22/12 1:34 PM by MercWaMouth85

Someone should vote this man the f up.

jellyman site profile image  

7/22/12 12:22 PM by jellyman

Kano deserves mention for sure, but striking at the Tokyo tournament? Had not heard of this before

yusul site profile image  

7/22/12 12:11 PM by yusul

professor kano, first mma creator. combined different unarmed martial arts styles (ryu), and then defeated other top jujutsu styles in japan, under striking grappling rules at the tokyo police academy, 19th century.his mma style, judo spawned gjj, fadda jj, and was integrated in pancrase, etc.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/22/12 9:55 AM by SKARHEAD

Yep....DEFINITELY predated Bruce as well...CROSSTRAINED in actual effective style....took on all comer of all stylesBruce never did that either....and he came along DECADES later anyway

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/22/12 9:50 AM by SKARHEAD

Why are you even arguing when it's FACT that the frenchman,Jean-Joseph Renaud ,predated Bruce as a TRUE MMAer by many, many came out in 1912Bruce had some recycled ideas , but employed FAR less effective styles than Jean-JosephLOL @ this thread still going

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/22/12 9:46 AM by SKARHEAD

Jack Dempsey did do different martial arts...boxing...judo...wrestlingWhat, not enough Asian arts for you ?Jack was a real fighter, predated Bruce as a MMAer, and would have EASILY kicked Bruce's ass...because he's was a real competitor

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/22/12 9:43 AM by SKARHEAD


GIBB0 site profile image  

7/22/12 7:36 AM by GIBB0

I'll translate : "I have I comeback for your logic"

cm81 site profile image  

7/22/12 6:05 AM by cm81

Explain why this is trolling.If you are going to cite Enter The Dragon as being what the UFC is based and influenced on, then why not Bloodsport?After all they are both martial arts movies.