Silva's camp wants Rockhold next


FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight" broke down the situation, where they reported some comments that were recently made by Anderson Silva's management.

Though it seems as if UFC newcomer Hector Lombard may be next in line for a title shot, if he's able to defeat Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Sat., July 21, 2012, the Silva camp is not excited about "Shango" as a possible opponent:

"One of Anderson Silva's managers said that one of the issues with Hector Lombard is he thinks he needs at least three more impressive wins in the UFC. He said that 85 percent of UFC fans don't even know who Hector Lombard is, who is of course making his Octagon debut on Saturday night."

"As for Chris Weidman, he said, 'Well, there's another great unknown fighter.' He doesn't see those match ups as being money making pay-per-view events."

"He did mention Luke Rockhold, who is the Strikeforce middleweight champion. Alas, Rockhold is contractually tied to Strikeforce, so that fight's not happening. We'll have to wait and see, but right now, the Anderson Silva camp not too excited about the options out there."

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Sofa King Cool site profile image  

12/1/12 11:17 PM by Sofa King Cool


Goderson Silva site profile image  

12/1/12 11:11 PM by Goderson Silva

Lol @ you thinking he was being serious, he said e will fight Jones and it will probs be next year.

FinestScotch site profile image  

12/1/12 10:58 PM by FinestScotch

Rockhold, no problem. GSP, no problem. Potential loss? Half the UFC.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

12/1/12 10:51 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Still wanna fight Rockhold, Anderson?

Ol' Dirty site profile image  

7/24/12 8:53 PM by Ol' Dirty

Hendo just gassed against Silva. Before he gassed, he was winning (albeit not whooping his, but winning nonetheless). I think if he doesn't gas, he grinds out a W. Sonnen is a B level fighter. And he dominated Silva in their first fight for 4.5 rounds. How many champs get dominated for 4.5 rounds? I'm just pointing out what style can beat Silva. And it's one shared by a well known mma coach as well. But hey, you're right... I'm just a troll. Carry on with your expert mma analysis and try not to get butt hurt when someone disagrees with you.

mijo site profile image  

7/24/12 8:17 PM by mijo

I guess Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen are high level wrestlers with mild submission defense that beat Anderson Silva right? Troll

Ol' Dirty site profile image  

7/24/12 8:10 PM by Ol' Dirty

You people who think Silva is unbeatable are hilarious. Keep drinking that kool aid. Of course he wants Rockhold next instead of Weidman. A top level wrestler with even mild submission defense will beat Silva. Btw - GSP would beat him too. As would Fitch. But please, carry on with your kool aid.

stonepony site profile image  

7/20/12 5:59 AM by stonepony

He could leave his division if he wanted to.

A.Muradyan site profile image  

7/19/12 5:32 PM by A.Muradyan

I want to see Anderson go to 170, take the belt from GSP or Condit, then retires. UFC won't let him, cause he would have messed up 2 divisions.

swany site profile image  

7/19/12 3:59 PM by swany

And lol at silva ducking anyone , why waste his time on a fight against Weidman when he knows the sales will be poor because people growing tired of paying for pay per views he's dominating .... How is he ever ducking when he constantly calls out gsp , the second most dominant fighter in the UFC and one of the all time greats who is currently in his prime . Soared has recently said that he can even make welter ... If that's not an attempt at coaxing gsp , I don't know what is