Cormier may move to 205 lbs. to avoid Velasquez

by Franklin McNeil | source:

Cormier and Velasquez are close friends and teammates at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., and Cormier has no desire to fight him.

But aside from not wanting to fight his friend, Cormier is excited by the possibility of facing UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

"I'm not saying that's what I want to do (move to light heavyweight) right now," Cormier told "A lot depends on what happens between Cain and (current UFC heavyweight champion) Junior dos Santos. "

Dropping to 205 pounds "is a potential plan B if Cain becomes champion again, which I think he will," Cormier said. "Imagine that: Me and Jones standing across the cage from one another. That would be crazy because you know I'm putting him on his back."

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Recent Comments »

Immaculata site profile image  

7/19/12 7:48 PM by Immaculata

There's a need for a division between LHW and HW. Let him rule there.

CoolnDeadly site profile image  

7/19/12 6:33 PM by CoolnDeadly

Is he even in the UFC??? Thought he had another fight in Strike Force. Sick of hearing about "Dream" fights. They never happen.

semtex0809 site profile image  

7/19/12 4:17 PM by semtex0809

Black fedor vs jones =booom!!!

KingofBJJ site profile image  

7/19/12 4:12 PM by KingofBJJ

Now that is called loyalty, do you hear that Jon Jones?

Forrest Spliffn site profile image  

7/19/12 3:03 PM by Forrest Spliffn

Just like dc has the best shot at beating jds he also has the best shot at beating jj. His premium wrestling and killer punching power just make him a damn handful for anyone. Glad I ain't fighting him

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

7/19/12 2:56 PM by GladiatorGannon

 Fedor, Croc Cop, Couture...any other great Fedors you can think of offhand? Velasquez is less than 10lbs away from what a big LHW weighs nowaday on fight night.

Nick Fury site profile image  

7/19/12 2:10 PM by Nick Fury

i'd like to see this fight. true test for bones

Joshua J King site profile image  

7/19/12 1:49 PM by Joshua J King

Fedors are creatures that fight at hw who are true lhw's even black ones.

RicoVelasquez site profile image  

7/19/12 12:23 PM by RicoVelasquez

Smart move.I was saying this since he beat Monson.IMO he easily beats most HW's and I like his chances against Jones.2 of my favorites as HW and LHW champ by the end of the year?..I'm pulling out!..

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

7/19/12 12:08 PM by GladiatorGannon

 Possibly he realized what an enormous issue it would be be to disrup his training by moving and switching camps. He might fight Cain if it was his only option for a title, but if he has a good chance a title at 205, without having to move and disrupt a winning formula, why not?