UFC Jonathan Brookins: F--- Bellator's Bjorn Rebney

by LayzieTheSavage | source: middleeasy.com

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Jonathan Brookins in Las Vegas to see how it was like fighting in the 145 lb division, and accidentally stumbled on Brookins giving us an exclusive regarding Bellator suing him for what seems like an alleged breach of contract.

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CindyO site profile image  

7/21/12 7:05 PM by CindyO

 I wonder if this is Bellator's way of trying to gain leverage with the UFC (since they're suing Bellator for the Pavia crap)? Maybe like, "We'll leave you alone about JB if you leave us alone about Pavia." Hmmmm... Cindy

herculestex1 site profile image  

7/21/12 10:48 AM by herculestex1

not knowing what truly going on, just what each side has said to media.........i'm on JB side......charge it to the game and move on

jasonhightower site profile image  

7/21/12 10:13 AM by jasonhightower

 I agree on principle, but they didn't address two important questions: 1. Why wasn't he part of the tournament? 2. Why did they not come after him to fulfill his contract until he worked with the UFC, he had a fight or two between Bellator and TUF with no repercussions? Seems strange to me...

GSP24 site profile image  

7/21/12 9:29 AM by GSP24


btr740 site profile image  

7/21/12 8:14 AM by btr740

I don't know the details of the contract or the release, but I do know Brookins. The kids is pure class. He'd give a stranger the shirt off his back. He's just one of those people you meet and have to shake your head at what a kind person he is, the kind of person preachers and politicians pretend to be. It's a shame he's stuck in the middle of this.

Macedawgg site profile image  

7/21/12 5:36 AM by Macedawgg

 Someday fighters will be able to promote themselves. . . At the end of the day, MMA is a sport--- What is a promoter other than a set of contracts. . .

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/21/12 3:29 AM by time traveling 12er

Actually Rebney says they lied about the injuries. JB's side says they did not and has the medical records to prove it.JB's side says he was kept on the shelf while Rebney says they were actively looking for fights for him. Being offered one fight in 13 months on 2 weeks notice sounds closer to which side here? So I don't see the contradiction.Rebney says JB was exclusive and that they always give out documents and never verbally release fighters. JB fought in two fights outside Bellator with no problem, and JB's management has another fighter that was verbally released and fought in numerous other orgs. If Rebney's side is true then we are to believe that Bellator is suing G-Force fights and whatever other organizations the other fighter fought for next?Rebney says they coveted JB yet they offer him one fill-in fight in over a year then say nothing when he fights elsewhere? Something stinks and it isn't JB's side.

Evilzpet site profile image  

7/21/12 2:28 AM by Evilzpet

Brookins interviews are like a friendly version of Nicks Diaz's

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/21/12 2:06 AM by MMALOGIC

look up Bjorn's Rebney's past in Boxing .. the guy sues everybody for any little thing (he's a lawyer).  He was suing Sugar Ray Leanord for years.  He was driven out of boxing... now imagine what type of person you'd have to be to get driven out of a filthy and dirty sport like boxing...

caseharts site profile image  

7/21/12 1:58 AM by caseharts

Keeping them on the shelf would make them douches.