Barao baroke Faber's rib in the 1st


Urijah Faber ‏@UrijahFaber
Congrats 2 @RenanBaraoUFC. He's a tough dude. Broke my rib in the 1st with a great knee. Thank u 4 all the support

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Fans who booed Faber vs. Barao are hopefully sober a little when they realize The California Kid fought four+ rounds with a broekn rib. The boos were likely frustration over a main card that did not deliver like usual, with James Head vs. Brian Ebersole a little underwhelming, Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan underwhelming, and Tim Boetsch vs. Hector Lombard underwhelming a very great deal indeed.



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goldenboyart site profile image  

7/24/12 6:35 AM by goldenboyart

Oh shut up. He didn't say "This is why I lost" Come back to reality bro and stop trolling.

FLMikeATT site profile image  

7/23/12 9:28 PM by FLMikeATT

Glad to see the title wasn't "Faber broke his rib in the 1st".I hate it when people say that. No, you did not break your rib through your own action. Someone else did.

stonepony site profile image  

7/23/12 9:04 PM by stonepony

That's not stupid... The guy breaks his hands on skulls. After that knee though, half way through the first, you can see he keeps his left elbow tucked. He keeps his left hand down quite a bit. Barao obviously didn't notice.Impressive that Uriah kept throwing kicks and punches from that side. And never winces. He's got an impressive poker face. He never let on. He didn't even tell his corner.

goldenboyart site profile image  

7/23/12 4:28 PM by goldenboyart

My GOD, I don't know how he did it.I broke 2 ribs at once. My breaks were on the back ribs instead on the front side. If you can imagine this, I flipped over a railing and landed on the steps below. My back hi the steps and instantly broke 2 ribs.That was the worse pain in my life. I saw WHITE. I coulnd't even take half a breath without being is so much pain I wanted to die.I coulnd't bend over, lift my arms or do anything without pain.I was like this for 4 days before I broke down and told my Parents what happened. I was scared they would raise hell at me for palying on the banisters.Took me to the Doctorsa nd they told me, "Do you know that you broke 2 Ribs". I just said, "Hell yes I knew it".I was only 13 yers old but even to this day if I don't sit correctly or hunch my choulders I can feel the pain. It feels like my ribs are trying to poke through my back.Faber is a GOD.

UGCTT_whoreymcdonald site profile image  

7/23/12 2:43 PM by UGCTT_whoreymcdonald

At the time I thought it seemed like Faber wasn't throwing many punches from that side but I stupidly wondered if he jacked his hand. This would make more sense.

FrankShamrocksBraces site profile image  

7/23/12 2:32 PM by FrankShamrocksBraces

 I know you were responding to another poster, but I can just tell you from having broken a rib on 2 different occasions that it affects both breathing and movement. I can't fathom having to fight with a broken rib for 4+ rounds.

Yelm site profile image  

7/23/12 2:03 PM by Yelm

I train very regularly and have a very high threshold for pain. I have never broken a rib but on two occasions I strained intercostal muscles around the lower ribs. I continued grappling the first time for about five minutes before giving in to the pain. The second time I just curled up and held my ribs. I think broken ribs would hurt way worse. I can't imagine fighting four rounds with that. I am not a fan of Faber but he is super tough for sure.

HaitisfinestMMA site profile image  

7/23/12 1:33 PM by HaitisfinestMMA

All I know is that anyone trying to say Faber used "HE broke my rib in the 1st" as a crutch... is just plain ignorant. Let's leave it at that

Aiderbooze site profile image  

7/23/12 1:17 PM by Aiderbooze

For real. Gotta be tough to continue a fight with a broken rib.I broke a rib once and it's a very strange injury. You either have no pain, or some of the worst pain you've ever felt...there is no in between. Mine hurt with direct pressure, or if i was in the right/wrong position (usually if i lifted my arms above my head). It also didn't hurt a bit during normal breaths, but if I took a deep breath (or even yawned), it would instantly be like someone stabbed me with a knife. Some of the symptoms are worse the next day, but still hurts plenty right after it happens.

HaitisfinestMMA site profile image  

7/23/12 10:57 AM by HaitisfinestMMA

Fighting 4 rounds with a broken rib... straight up GANGSTER. Fighters are a different breed, most of us would take weeks off of work for a broken rib, not continue to fight for a title.